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Car Stickers for LF?


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We have often been approached in car parks by other expat people who have spotted our UK car, usually in the winter, they want to ask us something about living in France. Yesterday in Narbonne a couple stopped us to ask about our dog - and we got on to changing numberplates and how to go about this. We said we were about to do this and told them all we knew and then, as I always do I ask if they have tried LF Forum on the internet, they had not, so I gave them the url and wished them luck.

I would happily have a car sticker in my car, something like "Living in France - info - www.livingfrance.com"
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>We have often been approached in
>car parks by other expat
>people who have spotted our
>UK car,

We noticed that in the local builders merchants all the UK reg cars get flyers on their windscreens from builders, plumbers and other tradespersons advertising their trade. Usually they are British but the French have started doing it as well. We don't get any now that we have a French reg car!

Before we got this car I was driving back home from a nearby town and being followed by a smart red car with UK plates. After a while they started flashing me, they kept it up so I pulled over and stopped thinking that something was wrong with the rear end of my old car. They just wanted directions to another place and this was on a main road!!!

Sorry Washy, but I don't really want to advertise the fact that we are Brits. It's a joy to have a French reg car and not get any hassle (apart from the other mad motorists).

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