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[quote user="JayJay"]It's the same for everybody, but you don't have to log-in, it's only if you want to post something & if you do the log-in box comes up automatically!!![/quote]


Yes but if your eyesight is like mine then you cannot actually read the posts until you have logged in, which entails searching for glasses to log in!

After that the font miraculously increases, I think that I may have chosen a larger font in the past.

Also my eyesight is still relatively good, I only wear glasses when doing fine work or reading small print in bad lighting conditions.

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[quote user="Jonzjob"]Something else tooooo! What has happened to the little option where you could opt to get e-mails if you had posted on a thread? If it's there then I need new glasses (this one is empty [B])[/quote]I can see that, J/J - the 3rd little box on the top left of the thread with a picture of a bell and the word "Notify". Click it on any topic you want to be kept in touch about.
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