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Only a little, half-size Message Box


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Since last night, I now only have a titchy Message Box to write in and I also no longer have the ability to Underline, Make Bold or Italicise or indeed to use any emoticons.

Not a nice thing to happen as I have to squint at the damn box and I fear that being unable to use all those things I have mentioned will make my messages very boring and then no one on the Forum will answer my threads or talk to me.

Please help me to restore all to as before or else I shall throw a hissy fit and stalk off in frustration. Now don't all rush to tell me what a good thing that will be, PLEASE!
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Don't panic, its the compatabilty icon next to the title bar and the refresh button, looks like a sheet of paper torn in half accros the middle.

Back with the graphic in a mo


Go to tools (outils in French)

  • Scroll down to Compatibility Parameters (paramètres d'affichage de compatibilité)

  • Add completefrance.com to the list

  • Alternatively, click on the compatibility icon on the right-hand side of the address bar:

  • The reply box will be full size and you will be able to post smilies

(As originally posted by Clair).and Cat

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Teapot, I've just seen your post on this thread - at this time in the morning I'll read anything! [:)]

I've been without tout for several days again, and now it's all back - O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!' [:D][:D]

Whatever goes wrong in future, I'll hit the torn paper icon - especially when my memory goes! [:D]

Thanks, Teapot, Clair, Cat [:D]

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