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[quote user="Dick Smith"]At the risk of getting my head bitten off - nice image. Did you use fill-in flash on the foreground and then lift the sunset?


Totally by accident, taken with my first point & shoot digital camera when I still did not know how to turn off the flash!

best regards


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Thanks Dick, Mr Lola has just been having a nostalgia thing, remembering scrambling around those chalk pits.  He went to school in Brokham.  Many's the time we've had a pint in that pub on bonfire night. Oh, for an English pint...

I agree about the Bruges pic, lovely.  The black and white is so subtle, I didn't notice what was being done to me either until I read your comment.

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Yesterdays lunch venue - half the party was held up due to an accident (not us !) which is why it was dark by the time we got out.



Its Heston Blumenthals place - excellent pub grub......the actual pub has ben there 500+ years


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