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Tunisia (scanned) and I loved every minute of it.









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Definitely not France. The bottom of the Red Sea, in fact




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Definitely not France!

Shinjuku, Tokyo


Canal City, Fukuoka






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I've had a brilliant day today. Four of us took 50 kids (11-12 years old) to the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum in West Sussex (here).

The kids were outstanding, and the museum staff were superb, pitched everything at exactly the right level to keep the kids engaged. We took part in 'Fleece to Fabric' workshops, archaology demonstrations, a tour of the farm animals and made cakes in a medieval kitchen. Absolutely wonderful, and anyone in England in the springtime looking for something to do should go.

Our lot arrives


One of the marvelously restored (original) buildings:


What kind of chicken is this?


In the kitchen:


Some sheep - a medieval breed, but I forgot the name...



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It's a bit of a quandary. We were the only visitors, and one of the joys was that the kids could run about a bit (with cheerful indulgence from the staff) and there are no real supervision worries apart from falling into fires, getting caught up in machinery or bitten by shire horses, being pecked by chickens - all stuff which city kids ought to know about! If we publicise it, everybody will go!

Coops - it is just up the lane from Goodwood as well, and others might like to know it is close to one of England's oldest (and least pretentious) vineyards and some very nice gardens.

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