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[quote user="Megan le Fey"]   did Missy's OH's Ianto come home?   [/quote]

Sorry I am answering to a VERY old post!! Can't remember if I did reply to that so forgive me 'pour radotter' I am just getting senile in my old age ...

Just wanted to say that yes Ianto did come back a week later. He had been stolen by someone staying in the caravan park a couple of miles up the valley from us.  OH was still frantically searching for him a week on !! Anyway he saw this dog tied up by a caravan and both beast and master recognised each other and a heck of a hullaballoo ensued with the fat lady from the caravan!! No way it was our dog! it was HERS!! etc...

A couple of hours later she turns up at our door with her little girl in floods of tears and the dog. Would we consider selling the dog as the little girl has fallen head over heels in love with it. No was the answer and nothing in the worl would make OH change his mind. Anyway reluctantly the woman leaves the dog and goes away with little girl still in tears.

All is well that ends well ! .... Not quite ...

The fat woman and little girl on leaving our place went to the police station (they were lucky that someone was in attendance!!) and put in a complaint that OH was rude and AGGRESSIVE!! towards them ... When the copper turned up at the house with that complaint OH went bezerk and told the copper ALL about the fat woman and the dog stealing incident.

Anyway Ianto resumed life at his master's side until this last summer when he became quite ill, progressively blind and incontinent and in September went to the big doggy kingdom upstairs. Mourning is still in place in the household but no other dog to replace ... as yet ...

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