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Exotic "Weeds"?

Christine Animal

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Sorry Christine, can't see the picture.

As this happens a lot I think there must be a problem with posting a message with an attatchment. 

mmrph (Peter) and Di (Iceni) know how to do it though, perhaps if one of them see this they could give advice on how to do it.

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I haven't put weedkiller on them!  And I can see them there.

I once saw someone put a photo of his alsatian in the Pets section saying now that he had Windows XP he could post photos.  I have Windows XP.  Could it be that if you don't, you can't see them either?  Do you have XP Tresco?  Can someone enlighten us please?

Thanks, Christine

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Hi Christine

The path to your picture shows that the pictures are on your hard disk:


the above link does not work - so neither does the picture. You need to upload the pic to the Internet and then put a link to the picture. If you cannot do this (you don't have webspace), mail me directly and if you can send me the pic I will upload to my server and give you the link - which will not show but the picture will.

Coo it is hot and mad husband is mowing the grass - I went out but got nibbled by so many flies I ran inside and here I will stay till it gets a darn sight cooler.

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Thank you so much for your help Iceni. Tresco said you would know about these things. What I cannot understand is why the insert an image thing on here doesn’t work and you have to have a link to a photo. Does that mean that the other photos I have inserted in texts are not visible either? On my post « Anyone for a Jack Russell » for example, can noone see the photo?

Iceni, I think I shall have to accept your kind offer and send my weeds via the Lot!

Many thanks, Christine


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I went to your flicr.com and saw it fine. Gorgeous, but to me, it looks like a butterfly bush. We have several. There are also different varieties. Maybe it is not the butterfly bush, but it sure looks like one. Blooms in late Spring, Summer and comes in a variety of colors. Not sure, maybe someone else can add their two centimes worth to the idea.

I had no trouble seeing the photo at the website you gave.

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I am so relieved that you can finally see them.  I was getting worried, second page and still not a weed in sight.  Sometimes you wish you had never mentioned someting and kept your weeds to yourself!

Maybe they are not weeds, but were originally planted by someone, it is just that they seem to grow on their own on a wild part of the land, gives a "tropical feel".  Thanks Lori, now I shall have to look up the butterfly bush...

Naps, I don't know what picture you put, but it doesn't come out either.  Why doesn't insert-a-picture work on here?  There is someone on here called Chauffour, Italian I think, with a great sense of humour who managed to post an inflatable Mars and an inflamable arm all in one go, without a link.  I have copied below, hope it comes out!  Perhaps he could tell us how he did it.

or inflamable arms?

Someone else posted a picture of Bob Geldorf (without a link and without oars).  How did they do it?

LOL = Lots of Love, Christine

A P.S. About that Flickr website.  When you put a photo on it's amazing, they tell you the date you took the photo and what sort of camera you used.  Incroyable!  Maybe they even know what you were wearing at the time.

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most digital cameras keep a lot of information about the camera, exposure, date, time, etc. within the file containing the picture. Any reasonable photo application will allow you to acess this info.

Don't know what the plant is... good pic,intriguing!

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Well, I've had a good look, and I can definitily say it's not a buddleia (butterfly bush). That has flower heads that stand up, yours are racemes that hang down, and the leaf shapes are quite different.

From your photo, I get the impression that the plant is some kind of rambler/climber, and that the flower colours evolve from a richish purple to a paler pink. Are the greenish parts seed pods by any chance?

Whatever they are, I'm afraid I've no idea what the plant is.

If you could take a series of closer photos, there's a chance I might be able to look again in Polunin. By the way, what part of France are you?


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Thank you for your interest Ian. We are about 50kms south east of Niort, Deux-Sèvres.

http://photos17.flickr.com/20434581_67fed1af8b.jpg (my photo)

Now look what I’ve found out today! I went on to a French site where they mentioned tropical plants and sent them an email with my famous picture. They have just answered that it is « Phytolacca Americana »


Otherwise known as « American Pokeweed »



So now we know, and that has really made my day!

Best wishes to all,  Christine

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