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anyone know how to get underneath tractor mower????


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Anyone know how I can get my hands underneath a big tractor mower to clean all the built up mulched grass from around the blade.

To date we have lifted the front wheels onto two lumps of wood...but this is still quite low and a struggle

Drove it up ramp type things but still the blade part is low.

Do you think I need to dig a hole to drive it over for easy access???

How do other people do it?

Look forward to some suggestions


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[quote user="cowoman"]

I think we will probobly go for the Mrjardinage jack.The chain and pulley is also an idea but it might be expensive getting hold of the winch thing......unless anyone knows otherwise

thanks for ideas


You can get the winch thing, at little cost from the trucks that do the rounds of villages selling tools etc. manual or electric."Palan à chaîne"

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Winching up a machine like that and planning to get underneath it is plain stupid. Any failure of the lifting equipment will be without warning and could result in serious injury or worse.

Buy or make a ramp or properly constructed lifting setup, its much safer.

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[quote user="Lori"]  A friend of ours died when his tractor fell on him, crushing his head.   Please be careful.[/quote]

Not a tractor, but nevertheless a timely reminder about working under/ near improperly secured/ supported heavy loads[:(]


Edit: More detailed report


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I got a thing similar to the one shown here:


from Magasin Vert.

You drive the tractor's front wheels onto it then press down on the lever to pivot the front of the tractor up in the air.

You can get others that lift it from the side using a screw.

Depending on the model, it can be a pain in the arse to drop the carter.  Next time I buy a tractor I'm going to ask the saleman to show me how to do it so I can see if it's an easy job or not.  Mine's a bastard, as I found when I had to replace the drive belt.

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