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Caterpillar tree destruction mk2


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[quote user="richard51"]

Perhaps rather strong insecticide is another alternative.[/quote] I don't think so. Caterpillars are notoriously resistant to insecticides, as are a lot of insects now that they've mutated to shrug them off. Strangely, the bacterium doesn't have any effect on sawflies, which look just like caterpillars to most people. Natural predators are definitely the way forward, though. It's impressive seeing tiny parasitic wasps in action on a colony of aphids!
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[quote user="cajal"]Most gardeners will be aware of the processionary caterpillar and the problems it causes.  Now its cousin, the box caterpillar and moth, from east Asia is making strong inroads around Europe destroying acres of box tree in its path.

Anyone suffering the effects of these caterpillars or is just interested, the European Boxwood and Topiary Society has all the info HERE.[/quote]

As Arnie famously said all those years ago, "I'll be back".

It would seem, then, that those b*st*rd box caterpillar and moths have adopted the same threat. They are back.

Mme c noticed them 2 days ago during her evening plant and shrub watering session, so yesterday she attacked them vigorously with scissors and a bio insecticide and today, things don't appear to be too bad, so I suspect she has observed and reacted in time. They will receive a 2nd spraying after a week as is recommended.

It would be within anyone's interest, who has box, to inspect asap. Our location is the south of France.

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