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A quicker Covid test developed in France


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NormanH wrote the following post at 23 Feb 2021 16:26:


If sounds just what is needed .. but the prose says there will be 3 months of extended trials ..

In the present horrible situation Europe finds itself enduring I hope the new results are even more stunning than those already announced .. and the decision is made to limit the length of the trial and introduce the test Europe-wide after a slightly reduced period of (further) testing.

Well done the French scientists ?
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Théière said : If they are able to distribute the test about the same speed as the vaccine dog help France


But I cannot help but be impressed and touched by the swivel-eyed Uncle Toms who are resolutely sticking to the message that All is Fine and Dandy, and that Macron and Old Mother Merkin are really ahead of the world.

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