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3 - 6 Month Rental - Herault


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Bonjour! We are looking for a 3 - 6 month rental in the Herault region. Specifically we would like something in Clermont l'Herault, Bedarieux, Saint Chinian, Capestang or Cess3non sur Orb.... but willing to consider other villages as well.

We are seeking a 2 bedroom, furnished rental, preferably with an outdoor space, but no need for a pool as our timing is October/November 2019 through March/April 2020.

We are non smokers and have no pets.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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Why not? We do in two countries. In England, the Thames is close by with lots of leisure benefits. In France, we have Le Loir at the end our back garden, wonderfully relaxing to sit beside or for the grandchildren to fish. What's not to like?
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Well I live quite near a river in France and in June of this year it flooded for the first time in 35 years. What's not to like was watching my belongings bobbing around my living room at mid-calf height, and counting the cost afterwards.

I also spend time in Wales and earlier month the village there flooded for the first time in 30 years. What's not to like there, was people dying.


There's also been bad flooding in the south of France, though that's less unusual.

So, is this a coincidence and floods are following me around, or is it climate change and it's going to get worse?
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We’re in the Gard not the Herault, but we know several people near us who rent out their properties for varying amounts of time, who would be very happy to rent to you for the months you need. The price would be reasonable too as it would be out of season.

Have a look at homeaway, holidaylettings, booking.com etc for each of the places you’re interested in, although I think that your dates might be too far away just now. Some companies won’t allow you to search for more than 30 days, but contact the owners of places that interest you; you might well get a good price.

One thing to bear in mind is adequate heating and if a place hasn’t got good insulation your bills could be high.

We once rented a gite in the Ardèche in winter, where we were extremely cold indoors. We used the oven and hob to try to keep warm plus there weren’nt any comfortable chairs to relax in when spending winter evenings indoors. In summer it probably would have been lovely, spending a lot of time outdoors.

Another place we rented twice in winter, in the Drome, was kitted out well, heating was very good - we tested it well as we had snow both times, and the armchairs were very comfortable. The owners rented their property out all year and they clearly planned well.

Good luck with your search.
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