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Self build trailer


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I am thinking of making a trailer to tow our large canoe as I have been unable to find one to buy at a realistic price.

Combined weight of canoe and trailer is unlikely to exceed 150 kg. Does anyone know if there are any regulations I must follow in its construction please?

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[quote user="Sunday Driver"]

No he can't.

As one would expect, self build trailers are not exempt from the regulations which govern trailer construction, eg dimensions, weights, lighting, reflectors and so on.....

Googling 'reglementation remorques' will turn up lots of sites giving details of what's needed.


[/quote]Judging by what one sees on the roads in France every day of the week theory and practice have little in common so when in Rome...........[;-)]
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You are a star SD, I have added it to favorites and will study it in detail, perhaps their is a chance to legitamise at least some of my fleet [;-)]

P.S. Now I understand the bit about cyclists, from the posting before I thought it concerned the fleche.

Funny how all the sub 500kg remorques you see for sale at Roady etc whilst smothered with C.E. conformity marks etc dont seem to have that dispositif de securité.

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