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Spanish car.


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Nice to see you SD, we all thought you had abandoned us [;-)]

[quote user="nomoss"]Yes, BUT, we are (or I thought we are) discussing requirements for exporting a spanish vehicle.[/quote]We are,  (or I thought we are) actually discussing Dave's question which was about any potential problems he might face with registering his prospective purchase in France which I still maintain will be absolutely nil.

If the seller get's it wrong that's tough and between him and the Spanish authorities.

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[quote user="Chancer"]

Its not hard to see why Dave21478 doesn't bother (much) with this forum any more!


I wholeheartedly agree. I have become very reluctant to respond to anyone's questions on here, even if (I think!!) I'm quite sure of my facts from personal experience, as there always seems to be someone who criticises in a very belligerant manner.

I didn't just get off the boat, but I think I'll keep my experiences to myself in future [:(]

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