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  1. [quote user="DorothyJ"]So why is what I say "daft"

    There is no reason at all it is my own personal take on life. And I cant honestly be bothered to reply I have much more important things on my mind.[/quote]

    That is to say you have no argument, and no facts .in short you are ignorant of how things work in France and in Europe in general..but you want a wave of sympathy for a situation you have got yourself into.

  2. "The idea that we haven't paid into the French system therefore we are not entitled is just daft"

    Tell that to anybody who lives in most Health care regimes in Europe, and isn't covered by an E form.

    When I came over I wasn't entitled to anything for a year until  I had worked and paid enough into the system.

    The NHS is based on a criterion of residence, but elsewhere the systems are contribution-based.

    So why is what I say "daft"?

  3. But an NHS hospital is what people in the UK have paid for.

    Why do people think they should have the right to be treated in a system where people have contributed much more over many  years, when they themselves have spent all their working life paying cheaply.

    It's as if someone wants to use a Luncheon voucher to pay for a meal in a good restaurant.

  4. There is nothing new in the present exchange rate.

    It is more or less the same as when I came here.

    There has been a atypical period in which the pound has been ridiculously over-valued.

    In any case it makes no difference to people who live and work in France, only to those who depend on UK pensions or savings.

    Perhaps it will be the opportunity to have a good clear out.

  5. I am simply advising the OP to have the operation done in the UK, and then come over. There is no urgent  need to move to France if they are not Health tourists

    "As it has taken us 2 years to finally decide to move to France we dont want now to put it off" doesn't sound like a very good reason to move straightaway.

  6. That ties in with his reply to me when I raised the same concerns as I posted here:

    "thanks for contacting me. I hate PayPal as well so there is an option

    to pay be cheque during check out. I don't wait for the cheque to

    arrive before posting out orders, I just trust that people will pay -

    and they always do which is nice"

    "I don't make a dime on delivery, I simply pass on the cost as la poste

    charge it to me. Like you said it does look expensive if you just order

    1 packet, but believe it or not nobody actually has; firstime buyers

    usually go for 3 packets and there after anything betwwen 5 and 18 -

    and I'd say most customes reorder!"

  7. [quote user="Clair"]From a recent comment in another thread, I know this post is not going to be to everyone's liking, but we've just had a jolly tasty butter chicken, cooked at home from a packet bought in France from Packetcurry.com.

    We do not have an Indian chef at home, the nearest Indian restaurant is over an hour away and this is as close as we're likely to get to a proper curry!

    I noticed after I had ordered that they are also mentioned in the last issue of Living France.

    The usual clarification: I have no link to them whatsoever, I am just a happy customer [:)][/quote]

    But it looks as if you have to pay with PayPal and that is open to abuse...There have been phishing scams I believe

    And €3,15 for delivery seems steep for a €3,50 curry

  8. keep on getting the 'you have been successfully logged out' notice

    even  when I just want to go to the next page of a discussion, but even

    more frustratingly after writing a long reply which is then lost in my

    computer somewhere..

    Is it the Mods editing my posts even before I have sent them[:)]

    or has anybody else had the same problem?
  9. Rather than taking a course have you thought of joining an Association where you would be the only non-French person in the group?

    I brushed-up my conversation both by working in an all-French team (which may not be possible for you) but also by being on a couple of committees where I had to express my self in French because nobody else was  confident in English.

    It's amazing how quickly you develop, providing you already have the level you describe.

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