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  1. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="Bugbear"]I'm much more inclined to say, never trust a woman with testicles...................[:P][/quote]

    Brains and testicles?

    Is that what they call a miracle?[:-))]


    No but a man with enough blood in his body to allow his brain and his penis work at the same time...THAT would be a miracle...[:D]

  2. I agree..but I despair when I read so many peoples' postings about how good the system is.

    They are judging by quantity not quality, but the reason for the quantity is that everything  is paid for 'à l'Acte'.

    The Sécu is a real 'Vache à lait' (I forget the English phrase) and is milked hard by a cabal of professionals!

  3. When you start looking you might find this site useful.

    It has quite a lot of factual information on the towns, but also a section for people to say what they like and dislike about the place.

    The comments are in French, but that will help with learning the language, and you get a view that isn't based on the need to sell a property, or that of other English people who are in love with the charm.

    Of course you can just google the name of the town, and get the official site, but that doesn't give you the same comments.

  4. Good luck if you do decide to come over. You may find that being single is a bonus for learning French as you won't be speaking English all day long with a partner, and you will be forced to use French in daily living.

    I had the added help of a French lady who shared my house for a few years, so I got an intensive course.

    I would strongly advise you to get involved in  local Associations.

    In a reasonable sized town there are hundreds.

    You will find that the pound has dropped against the Euro even since May, and rents in the larger southern town such as Montpellier  are quite high.

    Perpignan might be a possibility with access to Spain very easy.

    If you are interested in that area there is a Forum about it here

  5. Cynical me says that is is easier to make friends in a country where you have a relatively high income than one in which you are at the bottom of the earnings table.

    So it depends a bit on your financial situation.If you have income from the UK, or whether you depend on earning a living for example.

    The other element is your language skills. I assume that English is more accepted in Malaysia.

    In France you can feel isolated in a small community.  It is hard to ever achieve the fluency of expression you have in your mother tongue, and strangely it becomes more rather than less frustrating.  The more you understand of what is being said around you the more your inadequacy to  fully explain yourself is felt.

    But then from some of the reactions I have received on this Forum I suspect I no longer have that in English either..

  6. For some time there has been a similar form to fill in for recipients of Local Government pensions, but the list of people authorised to sign is not the same.

    I have twice signed as a witness for a retired teacher who lives locally.

    It does have  the same sort of phrase about stopping payment.

    I don't think it is menacing, just a check that someone in receipt of a pension is really still alive, and the money isn't going into the wrong pocket.

  7. Décidément les femmes font de la politique autrement..[:D]

    She might form a break-away party.  It is more the PS that is finished than any individual, thought it must be said that as ex-candidate for President, ex-candidate for party leader, and ex-companion of the ex-leader she will have a bit of a job of continuing her "Renewal" line...stolen I suspect from Obama.

  8. Obviously Doctors in France tend not to give renewable prescriptions because that deprives them of their monthly consultation fee.

    If I see my Doctor each month he earns €22.

    If I simply take last month's prescription in marked 'Repeat' he makes nothing.

    A simple example of the way that the system in France throws money down the drain.

  9. I hateTownies  who buy  a property in the country, and then moan about a way of life that has been going on for generations

    Live with it or go home

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