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  1. 22 hours ago, alittlebitfrench said:

    How does it work the other way around? French owners of UK property?

    Is it the 90 day rule ?

    Everytime we go through Border force they quiz us like we are Colombian drug smugglers. Where are you staying…when are you going home ?

    umm…staying with my mum for a couple of days….mate. Is that alright with you ?



    Yet again hi-jacking a topic and diverting it to seek attention. Once pointed out it is easy to spot, so why not try something else?

  2. 11 hours ago, NickP said:

    I downloaded your photo and altered the brightness plus lowered the contrast and on my PC it looked fine , but when I tried to upload it to this site it was as dark as you original. So maybe it's the software on Complete France.

    Thanks for bothering to do  that. I think you are right.

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  3. 4 hours ago, cajal said:

    I guess the most accurate pronunciation would be achieved via a French -> French, simply for the audio. However, translation software doesn't allow for that permutation.

    If I pronounce my version (which is an argued-through version of Lori's) into my French note taker it gives Ajaccio.

  4. I think the first is hard as  in "ak" then the second is  soft as in is "sio" ( in the French version anyway)

    if you think about it there is d'AC   as in "d'accord"   and "cio" as in "ciel"  or "cimes"


  5. Here is another which is a real challenge as the original has a tight rhyme-scheme and syllabic structure

    The original is here: https://www.poetica.fr/poeme-794/guillaume-apollinaire-le-pont-mirabeau/

    Him reading it: https://media.sas.upenn.edu/pennsound/authors/Apollinaire/Apollinaire-Guillaume_01_Le-Pont-Mirabeau_1913.mp3

    My Translation

    Beneath the Pont Mirabeau flows the Seine

    So do our loves

    Must I tell myself again

    Joy always came after Pain


    Clocks may strike, night may come

    Days go by, I live on


    Hand in hand, lets stay eye to eye

    Under the bridge

    Of our arms waves glide by

    Weary of eternal scrutiny


    Clocks may strike, night may come

    Days go by, I live on


    Love goes away as the water flows

    Love goes away

    Just as life slows

    And Hope deals us violent blows


    Clocks may strike, night may come

    Days go by, I live on


    Days and weeks pass in vain

    Nor time past

    Nor past loves come back again


    Beneath the Pont Mirabeau flows the Seine

    Clocks may strike, night may come

    Days go by, I live on

  6. I had previously signed up to a precursor of this system which never really took off. I still have the paper Icon on my CV

    I am all in favour and have been trying to sign up for a while but there is a moment in the process where you have to enter the numbers which are in a vertical line   on the top right hand corner of the Carte, and 3 of mine are now illegible.

    I asked for a replacement Carte but was told that as it functions for the  usual things they see no need to replace it.

    I will  visit France Services (as mentioned in a previous post) since they are usually very helpful, but other wise I will  have to wait for moment when I might not need  it for a couple of weeks then "lose" it and declare the loss..


  7. 8 hours ago, alittlebitfrench said:

    You have not offered any advice Norman….just two insulting posts.

    Given I have lived in France over half my life, have a French wife and three French kids and also a very large French extended family of all ages. Some in their nineties. I kinda know stuff.

    I have lived all over France from rough suburbs to quintessential villages. I have rented many flats and bought houses. I spend my time living to two very different areas of France.

    I think I am more than qualified to voice my opinions and concerns of French life.

    You….hmmmm…..not so much.

    I tell how it is. No bias. 

    You see... you  try to hijack this thread in yet another direction.

  8. What is noticeable is how a thread where  the OP asked a reasonable question, and was getting sensible and helpful replies was Hi-jacked by another poster with nothing helpful to say on  the topic. I  think the moderators should remove such posts from the original thread and invite the person concerned to post in another topic e.g.  "Moaning about everything French"  or some such title so  the rest of us can go on offering whatever help or information we  can about the original topic.

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