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  1. This is going to be tempting for some so needs to be aired I reckon.

    How much clout I wonder do the French tax and bank organisations have if people skip off back to the UK to avoid debt. I'm thinking along the lines of  loans, overdrafts, and tax owed. I did read somewhere that when selling your house here, the notaire has to check on such things? Also, I presume that it's much like the UK where a claim can be made on your house.

    I hope answers and advice given here will prevent folks getting into even deeper water - not that I'm thinking of going for a paddle myself! 

  2. I have this vision of some poor soul scrunching up his flat cap and asking for a handout.

    Means testing? What and appalling thought - to be means tested for entitlement from a pot of funds that you've paid in to. What next, means tested for your state pension, your bus pass, care for the elderly? Hold on, that last one is already being done!



  3. I take your point but to equate one religious beliefs with a hobby? Hmm not sure.

    It is unfortunate that the word Jew when mentioned tends to be used in a derogatory way whilst the term Muslim (again for example) seems at the moment at least, derisory. If someone pointed a finger at me and said 'hey, you are a Christian!' I'd be puzzled. Said in the same way to a Jewish person and it becomes....?

    As for Jehovah's Witeness's....if they knock at your door ask them to come in and pray with you - and see what happens.

    On such a note, one of my favorite quotes comes from Ghandi when he said "I like your Christianity, but not your Christians"

    How true. Thank God I'm an atheist! :-)

  4. I've always found it an uncomfortable term. I'm never singled out as a Christian and others I know are never singled out as Muslim - so why Jew?

    It seems strange to me that many of us are willing to use labels in this way when it comes to the Jewish faith. I and many others I suspect would never say for example 'ah yes, we had a couple of Christians move in next door' . Makes you think, and as for the France, there is in my opinion and in my experience an overt undercurrent of anti semitism.



  5. We run a micro enterprise and now wish to close it down prior to our long awaited retirement - not sure at this stage if we'll stay in France or return to dear old Blighty but anyway.....

    How easy is it to close it down at what should be our first step? We were thinking of 'bringing the shutters down' as it were on the 31st of December this year. 

    Thanks as always guys.

  6. Oh dear.

    Well if you can get a copy, have a look at Angela Hartnette's Cucina 'Three Generations of Italian Cooking' (ISBN 978 009 191 0273) and her recipe for Pumpkin Soup. If not I'll email it to you direct?

    The OH loves to cook and being of Italian descent herself natuarally, this is one her favorite cookbooks - and a good read! The downside is getting her to make me a decent sausage 'Toad in the Hole'. Impossible.



  7. We have a white modernish Fiat estate, excess to requirements, and  one that needs a good home as they say.

    Free of charge, runs OK apart from an auto choke that seems to have a mind of it's own. 'MOT' in France not long run out. Left hand drive of course but hey, it's free! Seems a shame to adopt the French habit of letting it get covered in weeds.

    Car is with us here in Central France - just outside of Sancerre 18300.





  8. I really hate to disagree Will  but in my opinion yes, taxation does or should buy a package of ongoing benefits for you. Your argument if upheld would also mean that once you left the UK your state pension would cease as well. As a long standing taxpayer promised cradle to the grave support under the heading of  a New Jerusalem and post war social care I expect the government of my day to uphold up their side of the bargain and not move the goalposts. But there you go.

    On the question of state pensions no one one will be less surprised than me to see it 'wither on the vine'. But guess what? - that's OK because you can claim pension credits as it does so.... except that you need to be a UK resident in order to claim. Sound familier?

    Nation states have a duty of care towards it's citizens - it should not disregard them once they cease to earn - the same way if you like as children should not disregard their parents once they are no longer dependent on them and the relationship changes.

    Like many others no doubt I do not have a private pension as a bulwark against ever decreasing state provision so as such and to whom it may concern allow me to allude to and to quote from JS Mill - 'Those of whose bread is already secured, and who desire no favours from men in power or  from bodies of men, or from the public, have nothing to fear from the open avowal of any opinions but to be ill thought of and ill spoken of....'

    Right, time to get off the soapbox, and go feed those chickens of mine.... and if I find no eggs are being laid?








  9. Thats nonsense sorry Will.

    It's like saying the bank can take all your money if you leave the country. British residents have that have paid into the system for years should reap the benefits and if that's 'how the system works' then the system is skewed (or screwed, take your choice). Slightly off balance but if  any kids called in for a cup of tea and a bacon butty I'm not going to say sorry but you've left home, sod off.

    PS. Daily Mail? Don't get me started.... please.

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