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  1. the grocer's daughter and look what that Reign of Terror did to the country! - Sweet 17 Merci Dieu for Margaret Thatcher - she sorted out the last mess the Socialists made- toughness was necessary.   How ir can be fixed now is anyone's guess!   Lots more taxes for those of us still in the UK - for those in France lucky you.  More debt here than the annual GDP for a year or more -  £1.5 trillion !!!    So much for Gordon and 'prudence'. Hard to envisage a Trillion,  and worse that I predicted a couple of years back on this forum. Tegwini
  2. Then thinking about it I thought they should be allowed to win the next election and then made to put it all right. Why should they be allowed to walk away after all the damage they have done - Quillan. Well that's what happened last time! Tegwini
  3. Thanks for that Dave- I have now put it in red ink in my diary. I sometimes wonder the 'cheek' of these people with pricey calls and being also obliged to listen to loads of cr@p!!! Regards Tegwini
  4. Richard wrote: I certainly wouldn't want their lifestyles. Continually being judged, having to perform lots of boring duties like opening hospitals etc and having to be nice to people even if they feel like crap. The Queen's in her 80's and still doing all this stuff. And it's a life where they have little choice in the matter. I guess the Queen could abdicate, but then that would mean Charlie being king, so not much choice there really. Previous kings and queens executed rival claimants to the throne!    It can't be that bad can it ?? On the quiet the current lot are probably as racist as the older ones. Did you see Charles  et al date/marry anyone other than an upper crust and/ or pure WASP type girl/boy ? And, no doubt,   like many mothers,  the queen thinks her Charlie is wonderful and would make a super   king !   Abdication is just not part of the deal, and it would also increase the civil list if we also had 'retired' monachs to fund as well. Tegwini
  5. I can remember doing an essay at university on asppeasement in the 1930s.  Many people (wrongly) supported the idea of appeasement and many as a result of the statistics provided by the military and other statisticians.   After WW1 with so many deaths and also casulties, statistics were provided to the government, headed by Neville Chamberlain. These calculated deaths and injuries based on the deaths etc during WWI and multiplied many times because of the advances in science and military engineering and the new figures were quite staggering :  hundreds of thousands killed nightly from bombing in London for example.  It was obvious that civilians in the 'next' war would form a large part of the casulties - and they did. Thus many people were opposed to any war - pacificism was almost the norn.  Wrong of course, we know from hindsight, but not so then. The Royal family clearly followed this trend. The review of the book, being a page or so, tells us little.  But we do know that there are many sycophants hanging around royalty, many making money from,  for example,  writing books,  and clearly to be 'approved' you are expected to say little that might be contentious or controversial. Tegwini  
  6. Even in the UK you get done over now and  then. We recently bought a new frig/freezer from a huge multinational with a large shop in Salisbury.  It cost almost £850 with a website 5% extra off promotion.  Well they 'forgot' or couldn't as we bought it via the phone,  we phoned them again & got a promise they would do it; and then recently it was not on latest statement, so yet another  phone call! & only costly 0844 numbers too, and lots of garbage to listen before you can speak to a human ! We now await the next statement - and 5% here is worth quibbling over.   But, I would hate to have to do it in French. Tegwini
  7. We call the TV remote control  the 'device'. And spend time daily looking for it. It's even been through the wash and survived. Other 'things' have names- some 'christened' by others - 'Henry', 'George' and 'Jack'.  Cars tend to be called 'the blue one...' Much prefer to simplify this stuff, & shorten names too. Tegwini
  8. Thanks Albert The US Internal Revenue Service has on its web site quite a bit on scam emails - and has warnings and explanations, and even makes clear that they do not email people. I may forward this scammer's email, but what about the numerous people who may be taken in by this? Scam is becoming a real pain as there is so much of it that I seem to get - straight into my junk file, but I have to clear it and check that valid emails have not been 'junked'. I have also wondered how to send scam to these scammers, but you cannot trace them easily - I tried once and got as far as the far East with one, but not the actual source - unfortunately.    A  very serious Geeky friend (Oxford Univ. computer studies Masters degree) did manage to send a few thousand emails to one source a while back,  and it certainly stitched up their system for a time, but  I don't have such skills or knowledge. That's the kind of response they should get! Regards Tegwini
  9. Has anyone received an email from the  (US) Internal Revenue Service ? Clearly a scam, but scary initially.   Claimed I have underpaid US tax !!   Have no reason to pay  any US tax! But, they keep coming : 4 or 5 per day into my junk mail box only to be deleted unopened. Annoying - I wish there was a safe way to annoy them! Tegwini
  10. Many thanks Will! Wonderful service too.   I have managed to download it & hopefully it will be better than the last one. Hope all's well with you & the pooch. Regards Tegwini
  11. Is there anyone out there who can recommend an easy to use/download attachment 'thingy' for French accents ? Someone kindly provided one a while back, but as I have changed my lap top I seem to have 'lost ' it. I have downloaded Avisoft, which is similar, but it puts a euro symbol instead of the acute 'e' accent - as did the previous one. And for some reason my lap top's insert symbol is giving only mathetical symbols and I can't seem to change that- and it was a right pain when it did give French symbols. Please Help !!! Many thanks Tegwini
  12. Hi Melanie What part of Wiltshire are you ?  - it's a big county!  If you are in southern Wiltshire,  I know quite a few French adults in the Salisbury area, and  perhaps the best way to find some French people with similarly aged children would be a letter to the Salisbury Journal. There are conversation groups here and also the Alliance Francaise, as well as lots of after school French groups where primary school children learn French - although I realise he would be well ahead of most of them. Regards and good luck Tegwini
  13. Although  I am not much of a meat eater these days,  the husband  is a big carnivore. The Green Lobby is so powerful that many governments are now using green initiatives to raise more taxes - something that is becoming irritatingly common. The earth's most serious problem is the population increase - almost exponential in the last few decades.  It always surprises me that few consider this increase and its consequences when talking about global warming etc. tegwini
  14. Hi  Powerdesal FTSE a bit 'iffy'  S&P better, Global 500 best.  We're waiting for the markets to move - 6 months or so.   UK shares ?  Inflation, big tax rises ahead.  GBrown & co now spending more on welfare payments (benefits)  than they are getting in from (income) taxes. Deficit of nearly £25 billion. Other taxes around for GB, but NHS, education, defence, police, roads, quangos. etc etc all have to be paid for  A chnage in direction is needed to improve the future of UK Plc.   Too much socialism,; too little engineering and real things to make and export; too many useless 'degrees' not enough scientists/engineers; too many wanting handouts  and so on  ... Regards Tegwini.
  15. Well I wonder how everyone here is getting on with suspending and activating? Hopeless for me on the internet - really messed up ID code, then the internet said come back later, and I can't risk doing this any later, busy, and will perhaps forget,  so I managed to phone FT, in France, in French  800 101 486, from the UK (using 0033).  It's on the bill, and I think,   I hope,  I really do hope  the phone will be on again this Friday - hopefully ...  I did try various alternatives, including this posted on this thread - After reading on France forum, I called the FT English line and signed up for a Holiday Home account with line rental at 32,00 per 2 months and Internet (Livebox) at 27,90 per month - both can be switched off at any time and we only pay for when it is on.    Switch off costs 4,69 euros each time and we are allowed 6 times per annum.    It is possible to switch off and on on the internet; alternatively this can be done by phone or by sending an email to [email protected] . Good luck J Jaques W - Sadly this didn't work, but it would be ideal if an English link was available.  I find the vocab. for stuff like this a bit difficult! Anyone discovered anything to make this task easier ?? Regards Tegwini ps I might also email my kind neighbour to ask her to check!  
  16. Hi   WJT Tegwini, is that similar to the Triso Super 9 insulation?   WJT Busy yesterday!  Had a freezer crisis!!  But, not sure the name of the insulation, or what it's similar to !   It wasn't cheap- over  euro 130 per roll at Leroy-Merlin, and less at Bricodepot.  13 layers costs more than fewer layers. Some of the layers wool type stuff, the outsides foil, maybe foil inside. We just left the huge bags to M. L'artisan and the keys! The original quote was with a large company specialising in wooden houses and the Chef recommended a multilayer insulation. Regards Tegwini  
  17. Many thanks both of you. Sounds OK - perhaps a little adjustment for the ferry.  It was difficult to envisage the rolls of carpet - thankfully rolled the short way. Regards Tegwini
  18. We've just had our top floor re-done and used a 'sandwich' insulation  ( 13 layers) which was not cheap.  I was assured  that this was the most modern and best way to de this, as we originally had an unbelievably high quote, euro 40K, to do this with the French builder using this stuff.  We have raised the ceiling heights and used the insulation close to the purlins & rafters, with placo to finish.  The French builder we sub-contracted (and saved lots) also liked the sandwich insulation. I rather think the French are in advance of us in the UK in this field. I am assuming it will improve the insulation.  Anyone else used it ?   Many thanks Tegwini
  19. We are about to take some carpet to France in 2 x 4 metre rolls. It will overhang the back of the car by a couple of feet,   not so at the front, but will be over the bonnet, but no problem with vision.  Just collected them so we have tested them getting them home. My question is :  are we likely to be stopped ? And do we need a red bit of fabric hanging on the end at the back? Anyone any suggestions ? Many thanks Tegwini PS - before anyone asks,  a good carpet (proper carpet, wool ) with all the bits needed (grippers, underlay, door bars)  about a third including the fitting.   I know this as I have a price from Maclou.
  20.  Panda,  good luck sending your son back to the UK for his secondary education.  Perhaps 'a regurgitated poem' might be boring, but I hope you have found a school with reasonable standards of discipline, where teachers are able to and do actually teach.   Even in rural Wiltshire we have some grim schools, and a few that are very good.   The very good schools have seriously difficult entrance exams (11+) and you need to be well above average to pass the exam. The other LEA schools usually have very poor exam results,  high  absentee numbers and bad behaviour.   Yet these grim schools OFSTED usually rates as satisfactory - meaningless or what ! The UK is also elitist, and school leavers and  graduates are judged on their schools and universities.  Many non-Russell Group university graduates cannot find  appropriate jobs. Whatever you decide to do I hope that this huge change for your son works out for the best.
  21. I don't know much about the problems of school leavers in France,   but it is common knowledge in the UK that even graduates struggle to find jobs - some with 'Macjobs' (working in McDonalds etc), and many unemployed.  Some do have poorly rated 'degrees' so that is part of the problem. Education here (and I write as a teacher with decades of experience in secondary schools) can be as specialised, and  specialising at a young age too.   Sixth  form/ FE college (for 17-18 yr olds)  is usually very specialised indeed.   The Bac has lots to recommend it and the better UK schools either offer it,  or are considering it.   Sadly, the average LEA school cannot afford to offer it.   GCSE subjects are chosen at the end of year 9 when children are only 13/14 years old.   In  southern  Wiltshire we also have the 11+ which does determine a child's future at a very young age.    And,   in many schools around the UK children still leave without basic literacy and numeracy skills.  I can't see that the grass is greener here.   With NuLab and the mess we're in at present,   I suspect that the job scene here will be amongst the most difficult for unskilled/inexperienced  young people in the future.   
  22. Yup - since he was responsible for the Fees (Expenses) Office  he had to go. But, I do wonder if the guilty MPs think that 'Joe Public'  will believe that everything was his fault ?   On the same news broadcast on the BBC there was the sanctimonious Nick Clegg, who was in the forefront of removing Martin, telling how his second house profits would go back to the taxpayer. He claimed that the house, and the wall for his rose garden claimed as an expense, was for the taxpayer's benefit !   I wonder when he made that decision ?  And just how gullible his constituents will be ? Another crook !  
  23. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2009/may/15/mps-expenses-heather-brooke-foi And, we would not have had information about the expenses scandal but for HEATHER BROOKE. What I don't understand is - what they did with their salaries?  Also,  not from the Mail to keep a certain lefty gentleman happy.  Somehow The Guardian is also castigating G Broon  et al.  
  24. Tried to send birthday picture -  a right mess! had to delete it It's the thought that counts. Double wishes Tegwini
  25. Belated best wishes Clair.   Hope you had a lovely day! Tegwini
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