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  1. Mornin, new pills are not working yet!!! I should still be asleep- humph. I awoke thinking why have we no impot yet !!! Anyone there? Off to put the kettle on- anyone for tea?
  2. We still have no Impot. Clair wrote these steps but can some one give me a clue as to "what prompts" are expected when looking on line please- To check online, you will need your Avis d'impôts sur les revenus. Go to http://www.impots.gouv.fr/ click on on Particuliers, click on Abonnez-vous à votre espace (either on left-hand side column or under Espace Abonne in the main section of the page) Enter your Numéro Fiscal (click on the ? to see where to find it) then follow the prompts.
  3. Are u asleep Frenchie? I am just making a cup of Tea , do u want one?Oh, meant to say that those homoeopathy pills are for calm, no stress, and normal sleep pattern (believing it will work is probably the key to it!!). The Euphytose - one pill before each meal 3 times a day!! Will start taking them today. We had our flue jab, worrying now we will get a flue reaction - only joking, Kettles boiled.Frenchie- are you moving far?
  4. gardengirl, perhaps this might be of help- I had to go and see my doc today. Told him why I was stressed out ( me being a type that faints at the drop of a hat with anything medical I am avoiding going for a scan that should have been in June , cant sleep thinking about what if !!!) anyway, our doc is in to homoeopathy, he made the appointment for me so I have to go for the scan ,but he says these pills that he has given me to keep me calm and sleep OK is made from flowers = no chemicals and I think because the pharmacy said no reimbursement its an over the counter job- the name of them is - Euphytose. €6.90.
  5. Mornin all!!!! only teasing.... not gone to bed yet but half a Donormyl (not on prescription) will have to be taken tonight so I will miss the chat later. Goodnight... Milkey. Ooop's just realized that the time on the post is actually in English time !!!!!!!!!! as I am reading 01:10 ish sat here at my "lappy".
  6. OOp's a bit early in the morning but having a root and a toot on tinternet whilst not sleeping I discovered this.... groan.... yes, we have chimneys swept etc but now this as well.... streuth..... The French government published in June 2009 two decrees about the inspection of boilers, one for appliances between 4 and 400 kW and the other for appliances between 400 and 20 MW. These decrees transpose article 8 of the EPBD about inspection of boilers. Option b) of article 8 of the EPBD has been chosen, with a periodical mandatory maintenance (annual for boilers under 400 kW, at least every 2 years above 400 kW), including efficiency assessment together with advice to the user or owner about possible improvements. Décret n° 2009-649 du 9 juin 2009 relatif à l'entretien annuel des chaudières dont la puissance nominale est comprise entre 4 et 400 kilowatts Décret n° 2009-648 du 9 juin 2009 relatif au contrôle des chaudières dont la puissance nominale est supérieure à 400 kilowatts et inférieure à 20 mégawatts
  7. Today still no impot .Went to the treasury last Friday and they kindly had a peak for us on the computer and gave us a thumbs up and said it was zero - parfect! No problem. Implied the Impot office will get around to it eventually!It's still worrying cos our neighbour (French) showed me his tax bill that came in August - quite proud to show me how much he has to pay! Perhaps those who's assessment is zero simply get theirs at the last minute.
  8. Mowerman, I have PM,d you, important. I know a man who know's a man who knows a man who knows a man that lives in Aiguillon -............ he says's.......
  9. doh! ... yes, quite airy fairy when they "come out"!
  10. Could any one confirm please that -Sept is the time for seeing a little sawdust! as the woodworm leaves its home - Also is the woodworm leaving as a grub or is it leaving as a small flying beatle.? We bought a new door 8 months ago and now we are having a bit of sawdust off it!!and yes we did spray it with xylophene,as we do all new wood.
  11. Powerdesal, quote -Is it ???????? Where does that put those with a residence secondaire and no income declared in France.?- Reply In the post "Another question about Tax Foncier", Sunday Driver (appologies to Sunday Driver if I got hold of the wrong end of the stick ,yet again!) wrote,-The tax fonciere liability falls on the owner of the property as at 1 January of the tax year. However, the actual fonciere bill isn't calculated until September time because they have to wait until the income tax bills have been issued in case the owner qualifies for any income related reductions or exemptions.: So thats why I thought it weird we had our Foncier before the income tax bill. I have tried to peak at the tax bill online ,but I don't want to register !only look, cant quite work out what window to open,but thanks for the idea.
  12. Crikey we have received our tax fonciere (less than last year!) but still have not received our impot (income tax), shall we do nothing ? is it normal? I thought that the fonciere was based on your income as well as other things. I am flappin like the proverbial Mrs Milkey.Any one out there not received theirs?
  13. Benjamin, its a must , well put. Hereford I have PM'd you.Milkey
  14. Sorted, the terminology "RET" refers to Retrait, seen on top left corner of the paper receipt the bank gives you when you-yourself asks for cash over the counter!!!!!!! this enlightenment dawned on the better half at 4am this morning and yes it referred to cash to pay for the delivery of wood!!! last month which we had forgotten about. Phew, that saved embarrasement at the bank -for now !! - Milkey
  15. Please,has anyone had any weird ref in Credit Agricole statement eg; Debit Divers-RET.3F*** mine is for -375€ total mystery, hot footing to CA in the morning!!
  16. Having been in the company of numerous retired French people this last week -topic of their conversation was when they are off for the "cure". I note some have gone for the last 5 years at least same place, same time.The majority were off to Claremont Ferrant (spelling could be dodgy! sorry)the waters for stomach conditions others off to another spa (could not try to even spell that name!) for the back - I think kidney problem.So I am curious - who pays for this - is it on prescription from the doctors and then they or the mutualle pays the 30%?It would just be another of one of life's little mysteries in France solved.Milkey
  17. Thanks Cerise and Hereford. I think all my queries have been answered. Milkey.
  18. Cerise, please, what % would the person get back in Tax relief.Thank you.
  19. allanb, yes of course they need a French bank account -surely it would be very unusual an owner of a holiday home not to have a French bank account. Knee gel I have tracked an English (Uk resident)holiday home owner who has used cheque Emploi system with no problem using Credit Agricole,this was used to pay French man for garden maintenance. Correct me if I am wrong but the only down side is the person that issued the cheque would have got some kind of rebate (payback) off his income tax (if tax resident) , I am not sure what % .So if not registered for income tax no rebate...
  20. thank you, Leslauriers please do you have the answer to - Because this person that is early retired in France who wants this cheque emploi and is getting a UK Government pension. Is it in any way detrimental to his income tax position here in France. Have I understood that with this special cheque once cashed all dues are paid , end of story- yes?
  21. Can a UK resident that has holiday home here acquire the cheques Emploi system to pay a french resident. The British French resident is desperate to be above board rather than put the cash in his back pocket, he only does 6 hrs a month. The confusion being that the UK resident is obviously not tax resident here therefore the cheque employ is perhaps not the answer - advice appreciated . Milkey
  22. No certainly not creepy, I was much impressed in some ways, a most interesting character ,we will be meeting again next week having just received an invitation!! I would have liked to say for eg: "that I had read about his work etc- to have made an effort with my own research on the subject's that interested him, it would have made for a good conversation. Also thanks to others with this post I am researching with Wikipedia etc (when its too hot to be outside!) on trying to understand as to why he thought Britain was at fault for some of Belgium's change of history. Perhaps on reflection I should not have headed the post with .... is he a fraud,( I still cant understand with triple checking spelling etc ... I cant find him) but then I might not have had the same amount of help, thank you again to those that have been so helpful! If someone had taken the trouble to do the same for me then I would be well pleased.Milkey
  23. Thanks for everyone's help, Russthouse I have been to all your links and he is not there. Hum, I have the bit between my teeth now , I am wondering now why he was not as pleased as the others were when I took pictures of us all sat at the table!! I have put his full name in google, I would have thought a "thesis" or something of that nature would have appeared.He also said as a young man he translated at the Russian Embassy, so he has been about a bit!! Thanks Big Mac , interesting. We have been chuckling over our observations of the man and I keep thinking about what an exceptional long finger nail he had on his index finger, which brought to mind a conversation we had some time ago with others who had come across similar and no not a finger plucking guitarist but its where the "wonder dust" goes for a quick sniff, I digress, sorry.
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