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  1. Wooly, you can open comments to anyone, not just those with Google accounts, but you have to change a setting in Blogger to do so. Changing comment settings is something I had to learn early on with my own blog, as my daughter wanted to be able to comment without opening a Google account. This is all you need to do:

    Go to your Dashboard and click on Settings.

    On the new page click on Comments.

    When that page opens, under the second heading Who Can Comment, select the top option Anyone.

    Go to the bottom of the page and click on the orange button Save Settings.

    After that anyone can comment without being able to be contacted themselves.

    Comments are a lovely part of blogging and it must be hard work carrying on blogging if you never get any comments. A bit like talking when you don't know whether anyone is listening - though MOH would say that's never stopped me yet. [:D]

  2. Like most of you I too am a baby-boomer, born in 1946, one of the true boom of extra children born just after the war ended.. I'm from a working-class background (father worked in a factory, mother was a school cook) but was lucky enough to benefit from a fully-funded university education because of my parents' low income. Apart from the £5000 inherited in 1984 from the sale of my mother's house, which bought us our first new car and first overseas holiday with the children, every penny we now have we have earned (from our middle-ranking jobs in local govt) and saved, instead of blowing it on the latest must-have. (Incidentally, we have never had a credit card, and now could not get one, because we are pensioners with no credit rating....)

    I agree that life is going to be harder for our children and grandchildren, especially where employment and pensions are concerned, and we are saving hard to help our grandsons when it comes time for their college education. That said, we have a situation where even in a time of high housing costs and other pressures the younger generations still largely take for granted a standard of material well-being, in terms of consumer goods and leisure possibilities, which would have been unimaginable for me as a child or young adult. And eventually what we have left at the end of our lives will be passed on to our children and grandchildren to help them cope with the financial situation ahead of them.  Do I feel guilty?  No.

  3. [quote user="pachapapa"]

    Certainly the popularity of e-readers is a disquieting trend as the the closure of 200 Borders Stores with Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Personally it bothers me not at all whether woman read literary "pap" on paper or not. But the future may well be a deficit in serious literary and academic works to the detriment of serious readers. I suppose a dumbing down of standards was inevitable. [/quote]

    And men of course only ever read serious, worthy tomes. [Www]  As an ex-librarian I can promise you that the consumption of pap is pretty equally spread between the sexes.....[:D]

  4. Not a gite-owner, but we did have a holiday cottage next to our house in Wales some years ago.  We advertised it as no pets, mainly because of the proximity of sheep and cattle in the fields around.  We had people come back year after year because they had allergies to animal hair and were so glad to find a cottage guaranteed not to trigger those allergies. I hope for the sake of people like this that some gites manage to find ways to remain pet-free.
  5. Agree that the 111 dates are fun, but the little addition works every year. In 1999 I was 53, having been born in 1946. 46+53=99  This year I will reach the dreaded 65 [:D] so 46+65=111. Next year 46+66 will equal 112 and so on ad infinitum (or at least for as long as I'm likely to live [;-)])
  6. MOH suggested I might like a Kindle, but so far I've resisted the suggestion for a number of reasons. The first is that as a former librarian I just love the feel, sight, sound and even smell of books, and with slight cataracts in both eyes find screens hard to read. The second is that if I only ever buy books for a Kindle, how can I lend or swap with others once I've read a title? At present, we could have a house full of people all simultaneously reading books I own.  Having all my books locked up in a Kindle seems a wee bit selfish and charity shops aren't going to do very well out of me. [;-)] The third is that I am a flicker and a browser where books are concerned and feel that these activities would be well-nigh impossible with e-books. There are probably other reasons, but they haven't occurred to me yet. [:D]

    I may change my mind one day, but so far even Simon's enthusiasm has failed to convince me. [:)]

    PS As an avid reader, I buy only a minority of the books I read.  That's what libraries are for.....

  7. Not really sure what the point of your post is, Simon....[;-)]  No organisation anywhere in the world, of whatever nature, will ever, can ever, guarantee that all its information is always 100% accurate. Given the huge number of flights arriving and departing from Heathrow every day, I think they do pretty well on the whole.
  8. Well, here in Mid-Wales, our young postie Jason is always friendly, obliging and smiling, as have been all our post-people in the nearly 40 years we've lived here. Many years ago, the postwoman even got out of her van to give my husband's car a push when it got stuck in the mud. Surly?  Never! [:D]

    Incidentally, our post-people (almost always women) in rural Normandy are equally friendly, smiling and obliging.  May be something to do with town versus country?

  9. My mother-in-law (now 86) renewed her passport a couple of years ago and it was free.  According to the Passport Office website: " If you were born on or before 2 September 1929 your passport is free of charge." This would apply to both your parents, so may be useful in the future.

  10. [quote user="Richard51"][quote user="KathyF"]

    We live up in the hills of Mid-Wales and after 36 hours of snow "showers" we now have at least 10" overall, plus modest drifts in our lane. (Thank goodness the wind dropped early on is all I can say!) We're not going anywhere for a day or two at least. [:)]


    KathyF,  I have just taken up a 12 month contract in Powys and have to get there for 8.30am Mon - what's the situation like in Wales atm and what is the local forecast for the next 48hrs?

    Heading for Newtown, Powys from Staffs

    Mrs R51

    Have emailed you - good luck with the journey.

  11. We have two children and three grandchildren, Coops. If you mean support financially, then no, not at all. We have enough to live on, and being reasonably frugal souls, we have adequate savings. However, if I were old and alone and unable to cope on my own any longer, I would hope they would care enough about my welfare to see that I am appropriately looked after. Not by them personally, I hasten to add, as I don't think that would work any better than having my MiL living with any of her sons. But that they would care enough to make arrangements for me if I were unable to make them for myself and go on caring enough to ensure that this care remained adequate and suitable.

    At present my MiL lives independently, many miles from any of her sons.  However, as her memory starts to deteriorate gradually, they keep a watching brief on her affairs and help her out in all sorts of ways, some small, some bigger, but none of them financial.

    All this seems to me to be absolutely unremarkable behaviour in the context of family life. No, I didn't ask my parents to have me, but I'm extremely glad they did and am still grateful for their love and care and support when I needed it.  Sadly, they are long dead, so that I can't repay them in their old age, but I can for my MiL and am glad to do it.  I rather hope my children will feel the same in their turn.

  12. Don't agree with your premise, Coops, [:)] but, even though we feel a strong sense of responsibility to my darling MiL, she is adamant she doesn't want to live with us or either of her other two sons.  She was widowed quite early and has lived on her own for the past 28 years, and she doesn't plan to change that if she can help it.
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