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  1. Thanks, HTB, you've saved me coming back to make that point!

    I did ask originally for a rational defence of the opposition to the Poll Tax, but to avoid the risk of this thread being pulled or blocked, I'm going to shut up now!

  2. Miki

    I am sure your nieces were totally innocent of any wrongdoing, however they were not the only people there that day. I don't think it was the Metropolitan Police, or even members of other forces drafted into help, who, for example set fire to a builder's Portakabin site office, or smashed windows in every possible building.

    And while you make the sweeping statement that the tax was unjust, you do not say hy you think this.

    I have never heard a reasoned justification for this hatred of the Poll Tax.

  3. Gardian

    Like yourself, I still cannot understand the knee-jerk reaction to the Poll Tax, except from people who wished to stay outside of the system for some reason, It seems a very fair, and egalitarian, way of collecting local revenues, and yet it generated such a huge volume of hatred from the -  presumably -  egalitarian left wing.

    I was in The Strand on the day of the Poll Tax riot, and witnessed first-hand the mindless damage by the mob!

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