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  1. Anton,

    I've got two of the Maria Theresa thalers which were struck by the Royal Mint; I bought them for silver value + striking cost when I worked there (early Sixties). I believe they were struck to be used in covert operations in the Middle East in the Fifties (?Aden), and then Austria decided that they were still legal tender despite bearing the date "1711".

  2. If anybody in Haute-Vienne or the Dordogne is offered a Skybox and card in the near future, could you let me know by PM or Email? (Also a DVD recorder, and a couple of portable televisions.) This follows a break-in at a friend's house and gite complex at the weekend. Obviosly, if you can get details of the vendor, that wouild be greatly appreciated by both us and the gendarmes.

    Many thanks

  3. Still slightly hung over from the aperos! 19 councillors here, and two lists. 7 elected from each list, and I as the only resortissant managed to get 505 votes (out of1125 cast), so feel quite pleased with myself, but Ishall be in the play-off next Sunday. I think my appearance on France3 helped. If anyone wants to seit, its here  http://jt.france3.fr/, 12/13 Limosin, Vendredi 7 Mars. Cheers, and good luck to anybody else who is in next Sunday's vote.

  4. Patrick,

    I don't know how old you are, but when I was a kid in the 40s and 50s, almost every house in the UK had a sewing machine, and mothers made and mended clothes and domestic linen with them; seeing the machines in the houses at Oradour took me back to my childhood.

    Apart from the horror of what took place there, it is a fascinating piece of social history; you can see how life was in a small French town in the 30s, and also the trades that no longer exist.

  5. While on the subject, can anybody confirm whether I need to re-register for next years elections? I registered last year, and it seems from the form instructions that 5 years of registration are necessary for it to be permanent. But my neighbour, M.le Maire, assures me that once is enough.


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