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  1. I'm sure I will have to go through official channels to get a definitive answer to this but I'm hoping someone may have similar experiences or advice.

    I have been offered work in the UK and am considering accepting and then taking my child back when she has finished 3eme (this June). I would then put her in an English secondary to do the two year GCSE course (she was born in september so this is feasible). After two years I would like to come back to France and for my daughter to coninue at Lycee (she wants to do Bac general).

    The questions I have are:

    My husband is retired on an occupational pension. He wishes to stay in France and visit us as and when. He will continue to declare his tax here whilst I will pay tax in the UK. Will my daughter and I still be eligible to rejoin the French education system when she is 16?

    Also would it be possible to continue receiving health care in France? If my husband is here in France would we still be eligible?

    If she comes back at 16 for Lycee will she be eligible for University funding when she has finished the Bac?

    I consider this move as a temporary return to the UK not as a "move back" - but can I still be classed as a French resident who happens to be working abroad?

    I do not own property in UK and am happy to declare all taxes here in France. We have lived here for seven years so class it as "home".

    I know it's complicated but does anyone know where we would stand?

    MAny thanks
  2. House looks great - two things I spotted though. It was hard to find the price (which I think is reasonable - the price not the ease of finding it!) and also the picture of the front of the house makes it look "too small" - have you got a better shot from the garden or from across the street.

  3. I think showy was the wrong word - apologies if this causes any offence. What I intended to say was that British presence seems fine (like others I have attended in the past - especially with children) - however anything that deviates from what the French "norm" is can be construed to be interference and an attemt to "anglicise" proceedings. This was discussed in our commune, where there are certainly some veterans who are anti-British in the same way that some in the UK would be anti-German should a similar event occur.


  4. Why would you do this? Does anyone else think it is insensitive and presumptuous? A very large number of French citizens, servicemen and women died as a direct result of British action - especially at the beginning of the war. If my relative had been one of these I would be a tad offended at such an offering at a village memorial.  Attend and give your respects but why be showy?


  5. Hi


    Hoping somone can shed some light. For the past five years we have had droppings (pellets like mouse poo) in our attic. The attic has been underdrawn and the roof is secure. There has never been any sign of wildlife - and we have three active cats who sleep up there regularly. Is there any other animal that it could be? Surely we would have seen one dead mouse by now? There has never been droppings anywhere else in the house, although the attic is a large space with windows and an open staircase to the rest of the house. The situation isn't a worry I'm just curious. Fresh droppings appear every week - on carpet, sofa etc...but never heard or seen anything. Is this a stealthy Ninja mouse variety!!?



  6. Why should they have a freebie to France? 

    The war is over. I don't see the widows, mothers, brothers or sisters of the fallen in Iraq or Afganistan wanting a freebie there.

    The dead are dead - they can be remembered wherever the survivors are -  France, UK, Canada, US, Germany, Russia, Japan or wherever.

    Why has the Mail not launched a campaign for "fallen Blackshirts" or "British fascists" - they would be less hypocritical if they did.

    The war is over - get over it.

    If you want to commemorate the end of WWII or the loss of others do so by not buying into the jingoistic, fascist notions of those who make you sad puppets in their game.



  7. Thanks for the suggestions. We have tried to ignore his bad behaviour and used a water pistol; so far to no effect. The vet says he cannot be castrated until he is one year old. We live in the south Vendee if anyone knows of any trainers. Thanks again for all the support, any other advice would also be welcome.



  8. Please can someone help or advise. I'm writing on behalf of my mother who has taken in a labrador/collie cross/puppy. We picked up "Murphy" from an animal rescue centre when he was three months old. He is now six months old. He is a beautiful dog, but my mother is at her wits end. The dog constantly bites and jumps up at visitors and family. My mother is covered in bites and bruises; my daughter (who loves animals) is afraid to go round and visit and every visit is heralded by fear and apprehension. Murphy loves company and is fine with our labrador (although our dog has been nipped and bitten). My mother is not new to dogs, she has had and trained at least three other puppies, but Murphy's behaviour is testing everyone. Unless we can resolve this situation I fear that my mother may be forced to give Murphy "up". Please can someone help. He is a lovely dog, but we need help. I don't think "group" clases will help, we are prepared to do anything that will resolve this situation, but I fear that unlesss we get help soon, then this will be a sad situation for everyone involved. Please, please can you help. We love this dog, but are at our wit's end.

    Many thanks


  9. Hi there,

    Sorry to hear you weren't happy. I was one of the posters to recommend L'Hermanault, so am very surprised you were disappointed. There is a kennels at Cheffois, though I've never used it personally (or should that be for my animals!!). From speaking to friends who (like us) have cats and/or dogs it is far harder to find an establishment to cater for both. The nearest cattery that I am aware of is near Cholet. Hopefully other posters can recommend others. Good luck.

    Kind regards


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