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  1. [quote user="Boiling a frog"]

    Odile seems to have got under many peoples skin ,a troublemaker perhaps, a lovely person perhaps, can we not just give it a rest




    Apparently not.

    Maybe one day someone will make a thread in YOUR honour[:)]

  2. I am an ARTIS t E  my friends!

    What did you expect?

    I wanted to use some of what you said squirrel but thought I would come over as too cliché!  You see?  I worry about what you think about me and I don't even know you!

  3. I can't say I like or don't like Odile because I don't know her.

    On a forum is as easy to portray yourself anyway you wish as it is difficult to be how you are in 'real life'.

    I once met Tresco and she told me I was "just like it says on the label" and I think that quite a few of you here on the forum are too. I hope Odile ISN'T because to me she came over as very sanctamonious.

    Other people here however saw a different Odile and I know that she was also supportive and a friend to some members here.

    There ARE bullies here on the forum as there are on ALL forums because it is so easy to hide behind the computer.  I myself have posted comments here while wickedly giggling to myself - often inspired by a glass of red or rosé or something a bit stronger.  For some it is letting off steam.  For others it is very offensive and others - just "words in the air".

    We CHOOSE to air our views and opinions on an open forum.  We are NOT obligated.

    In 'real life' it is easier to avoid bullies, creeps, perverts and all the other unpleasant things in life than it is on an open forum.  My rosé tinted point being....stay away or be prepared (thank you Brown Owl!)

    I know this has been said a thousand times before - but sometimes some people need to be reminded.


  4. [quote user="Weedon"]

    Here I am afraid I must lapse into my normal mode.  If what you say is true why do up to 20 people a day write to tell me that my wossname is too small and would benefit from some kind of supplement, I thought that only I knew that? 



    I would have freaked out too if I thought my details had been revealed on an open forum without my consent. I have had my fair share of creepy things occuring on this forum and the mods have always been helpful and reassuring to me. 

  5. I'm sorry to tell all you respectful dog owners but the problem is -  that they smell!

    You can't smell it because you are used to it.  It's like people who smoke can't smell the stink of tobacco.  I wouldn't want to rent a gite that smelled of cigarette smoke the same as I wouldn't want one that smelled of lovely, well behaved dogs[:)]

  6. Bless!

    Leave the miserable ruins alone and go and see some real life you daft apeth!!! And don't start rambling on about how you've lived a thousand years and seen and done it all and more or I'll smack you!

    Enjoy your trip[:$]

  7. [quote user="Frenchie"]Unfortunately could not, son has a bad back following too much sport I guess, and his dad could not watch him, so .. I'm on mum's duty...[/quote]

    Poor thing!

    Hope he's well soon! The concert went well - it started raining the minute they stepped off stage!

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