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  1. Thank you for your help. I emailed my local impots to request all the forms and I was informed that I needed to email again at the beginning of May when the forms will be sent out. So I think I was panicking a bit prematurely.
  2. we have tiles throughout downstairs and laminate everywhere upstairs other than bathrooms and we wouldn't change a thing.
  3. Is there a company that specialises in installing built in wardrobes / cupboards? I know that you can buy the kits and have sliding door wardrobes/ cupboards and fit them yourself, but  our space is the wrong size for these. If any one could tell me what trade I should be looking under in the yellow pages, that would help also.
  4. I have had conflicting advice , can any one help clear it up for me. If you are a permanent resident in France with no other property at all , if you have a house built as a family home and then sell it before 5 years, are you liable for capital gains tax or the french equivalent?  
  5. Looking closer to home, certainly the Bretons had a tough time trying to retain their mother language in the last century despite being " French" and at one time could not even have a celtic/ breton car sticker without attracting  the attention of the gendarmes. So any even limited concessions they make to foriegners is something.
  6. What waste water goes to a soakaway rather than the fosse? Also, should ladies make other arrangements for getting rid of certain monthly items? I've tried to phrase that as delicately as I can. I have a friend who uses false teeth cleaning tablets to clean her sink, leaves a couple in a sink of water overnight and then just sponge of the residue, I haven't tried it myself.
  7. Is it possible for Forum Users to suggest things that they would like to see in LF Magazine? If so, could the powers that be please do a translated French Tax Form , they did something similar with the form that you need to fill in if you have an accident , a couple of years back.  I'm sure a translated French Tax form would be a God send to many. 
  8. Are people who only recently arrived in France required to complete a French tax form in 2006? Or is anyone who is permanently resident required to fill in the form? 
  9. Hi We own a property in France that has a pylon on it which supplies electricty to our property and to a number of houses behind us. I have no problem with the pylon being on our land just wondered if we were entitled to peppercorn rent from EDF as I know BT pay for this kind of thing in the UK and anything that could help offset our electricity bills would be most welcome. Kind thoughts please.
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