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  1. Thank you Loiseau, Hectorsdad and others for your comments / observations re the sale of my property. Regarding transfer of funds - which may be quite a lot - it’s worth opening an account with more than one currency firm so that you can get get the rate of exchange for your transaction(s) from more than one firm, compare them and select the best deal. It’s also worth talking to a dealer as you can negotiate the best deal rather than purchasing sterling online. In my own case I did several deals, almost always used the same firm as they consistently offered the better rate of exchange. To illustrate this point, an anecdote. Years ago, when wanting to buy sterling with US dollars, Moneycorp (UK office) were able to give me a rate which was about £12000 better than a US bank would give me for buying sterling. Moral: specialist currency firms tend to give better rates than banks. Several comments here about a “barrel” being a property. What is a “barrel”? I know the French term “barrak” which tends to be a slang term for house / dwelling, may even be pejorative.
  2. Back in 2021 I sold my property in the Lot which took 23 weeks from the day I entered an estate agent until the attestation de vente was signed with the notary and buyer. On this site I posted a contemporaneous summary of a blog I maintained throughout the sale and afterwards. The entries made here have disappeared. However, the blog remains and has been updated with a couple of events which have occurred this year, see https://domainesale.weebly.com Readers visiting this forum may find it of interest although it is quite long but it does mention all the steps taken and hoops jumped through that I had to take to complete the sale, viz (not necessarily in the order they were encountered): 1. Assistance from estate agent and notary + notary’s questions 2. Diagnostic Technique Immobilier (DTI) 3. Service Public de l’Assainissement Non Collectif (SPANC) 4. Buyer’s right of retraction 5 . Property offered to Mairie for option to buy 6. Introduction to Societe Accreditee de Representation Fiscale (SARF) - fiscal representative dealing with capital gains tax + SARF questions 7. Dealings with propane gaz company for recovery of tank 8. Transfer of Residency (TOR) 9. Removal of goods and chattels 10. UK car purchase and sale of French cars, arrangement of UK car insurance with no claims discount brought from French insurance company 11. Comments on using foreign exchange broker for buying sterling 12. Recovery of erroneous charge for taxe d’habitation gb
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