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  1. http://www.thermes-larocheposay.fr/medias/documentation/brochure-cancer-2013/brochure-cancer-2013.htm The brochure above gives the details of how to arrange treatment, and what it costs. In essence your doctor prescribes, you get approval, as an ALD it is reimbursed at 100%, you get a rail ticket and 150 Euros towards accommodation costs. It's a lovely quiet little town just down the road from us.
  2. I can't see how a faulty TV would know how to play up on specific channels. Over and above the deficient telly it sounds like you have dish / reception problems as well.
  3. Is the Humax box left switched on all the time?
  4. They have simply published a list of the countries that will not qualify. "This will affect those living in a European country with an average winter temperature higher than the UK. Expats in seven countries will lose the payment. They are: Cyprus, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Malta, Portugal and Spain" So if you live in Dover you get it If you live in Calais you don't If you live in Sicily you do get it.
  5. The aim of the policy is to reduce the number of providers in the market. I believe there are something like 100 operators across the EU. They believe that the market would operate more efficiently if there were 4 or 5 operators covering the whole market as in the USA. Merging suppliers would encourage greater investment in infrastructure which is currently hindered by fragmentation. It was stated that the 4G system in advancing more quickly in Africa than in Europe because of this proliferation of operators in the EU. We shall see!
  6. A Starter for ten http://www.urcaue-idf.archi.fr/abcdaire/imprimer.php?fiche=258 Includes Toute personne désirant édifier ou modifier une clôture doit auparavant adresser une déclaration à la mairie de la commune dans laquelle la clôture est envisagée. and La clôture devra être implantée sur l'alignement (c'est-à-dire à la limite exacte du domaine public et de la propriété privée) ou en retrait. Il est indispensable de demander à la mairie un arrêté d'alignement, s'il s'agit d'une voie communale.
  7. I tried to watch it on TF1 two or three weeks ago, and it was virtually unwatchable. Jean Reno in French and the rest dubbed just like The Bold and the Beautiful
  8. When it first opens it only shows unread emails. If you click on "mail" towards the top left of the screen all messages will appear.
  9. The only reason anyone would suggest that an individual would be taxed on turnover rather than profit in the UK is sloppy journalism!
  10. Looks like you can https://boutiqueducourrier.laposte.fr/dispatch-pack-reel
  11. I think the question should be why is it RC agricole? One can see agree that one might might cover for the incidents/accidents described, but they ain't agricole if you ain't an agriculteur!
  12. If you are over 70 or on benefits you can still qualify But the emphasis is now on professionally installation rather than selling DIY rolls of glass fibre. As for u turns, one can be expected fairly soon. The money has been diverted towards the Green Deal which has such a low take-up that it is bound to be revised. There aren't that many people prepared to take out loans for up to 25 years to cover energy saving projects.
  13. This gives the background as to the extension of the scheme from March 2011 until it's end in December 2012 http://www.ofgem.gov.uk/Sustainability/Environment/EnergyEff/Pages/EnergyEff.aspx
  14. The cheap deals on insulation materials were a result of Government policy which required energy companies to spend money on energy efficiency initiatives. The first round of this was giving away, or virtually giving away light bulbs. The next phase, which ended in December 2012 was subsidising insulation. The funds are now being directed towards solar panels, better boilers etc under The Green Deal. If you want to wait for the next change of policy......
  15. Irrespective of whether you watch French TV, you should already a French licence to cover your existing set up. Put your phone number into Degroupetest.com, and that will tell you whether the TV offer requires a satellite dish. unless you are in a medium size town, it's more than likely that ADSL TV won't be available.
  16. Don't forget the Livebox Decouverte package at 39.80 which includes a traditional phone line, not VOIP, "up to" 20mg Broadband, and free calls France and abroad. In other words the same price as the basic ADSL offer and lione rental, but a faster ADSL and free calls.
  17. The multi-ticket offer has been available for at least 5 years.
  18. There are about half a dozen on ebay.fr, but it rather depends on whereabouts you are as to whether they are of any interest. But given the prices some of the vendors ask, it's almost tempting to buy new. http://www.coffretsdechantiers.com/-coffret-de-chantier-monophase-standart,fr,3,1.cfm
  19. As Rabbie has said they are still using the same ship that LD Lines used. It's currently the one with a long corridor , semi-open or even outside car decks, and a tiny duty free shop.(Norman Voyager) The one's that causes real problems with unloading are the twins that normally operate between Newhaven and Dieppe (Alabatre and Seven Sisters). Though there have been rumours that one or other of them may return to the Portsmouth route in the near future, as Voyager may be neede to reinforce the Brittany top Spain route that is still belongs to LD Lines .
  20. If the place is completely unfurnished at 1st January then there is nothing to pay for the whole year as far at the Taxe d'hab is concerned. No exemption for the Fonciere.
  21. Tesco Click and Collect is for non-food items only. It really works , you can order any of the things that you might find in the Argos catalogue, and they will be ready for collection at a local store the very next day. We ordered a Pyrex 2 litre basin, which cost £4 with free delivery. Less than 24 hours later we had an email to say it was ready for collection.It arrived in a box packed in 30 feet of bubble wrap. I don't think they made much profit on that, especially when you consider they use a courier to deliver to store. And before anyone asks, they don't stock that particular size basin in our local store.
  22. From Le Figaro Cependant, si le certificat de passage du contrôle technique n'est plus valable et que l'assuré se rend responsable d'un accident, l'assurance auto peut décider de ne pas faire jouer la couverture. Dans ce cas, l'indemnisation des dommages matériels et corporels sont à la charge de l'assuré. I assume the company would pay third party claims then recover as much of any payout, as they could, from the (ex) policy holder.
  23. One of many similar reports! http://www.ecologie-pratique.org/article.php/la-toxicite-des-ethylotests
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