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  1. http://www.pap.fr/argent/calculettes/calcul-plus-value-immobiliere Is a very easy to use calculator. Unlike many similar aids you can actually see the details of the calculations. If you haven't got artisans bills for any of the work, you could easily be looking at a tax bill of 35,000 Euros
  2. Brittany ferries charges always take a couple of days to hit the bank account. As you have the reservation number, you can always check it by attempting to modify it online. Once you find it online you can leave it as it is.
  3. There is currently a delay of one month, as the barge they need to use isn't available as planned. But they are still expect to reopen towards the end of August. http://www.76actu.fr/pont-mathilde-a-rouen-la-travee-sera-finalement-deposee-en-fevrier_66646/
  4. Is this the site you didn't trust? http://server88-208-237-25.live-servers.net/iso/Acer-Aspire-5553/#AcerAspire-5553win7restoreisodisk Looks quite promising to me, for £20 , or possibly even £10.
  5. I remember this post when it was live last year. Out of interest I just looked up our reading, and for the first two weeks of May we used 470 units. That's just the two of us in a post 2000 built house. Usage was 260 /210 HP/HC but we do make an effort to maximise HC usage.
  6. I think this is the bit you are looking for. http://assistance.orange.fr/desactiver-les-achats-contact-5054.php Contact+ est activé par défaut pour tous les abonnés Internet Orange. Vous pouvez le désactiver depuis votre espace client Orange. It occurs to me that charging for access to certain pages of the internet is probably more shocking to Brits than it would be to anyone accustomed to paying for the value-added pages on Minitel. I assume that's why it was incorporated into Wandoo's structure when the internet started to elbow out Minitel,It was a natural progression.
  7. I assume that is the reason why the go after both the downloader and the gite owner/ hotelier.
  8. I thought we had previously discussed this system for controlling access for guests. http://www.gites-internet.com/ That website is just someone offering the service to their members, but the company behind it is here. http://www.2isr.fr/brochures/2ISR%20-%20Brochure_Clic_et_Surf.pdf Le WiFi chez 2ISR c’est une offre tout compris pour 19,90€ HT /mois !
  9. I have used Transferwise a couple of times in the last few days, and can confirm all the nice things reported above. Sent this morning in French account this afternoon. Their rates are especially good for small amounts, as long as it's more than £200. Has anyone who has used them encountered charges from the French, receiving, bank?
  10. Succint reply from the Directline FAQs Am I still insured if my road tax has run out? Yes. However, it is an offence to use or permit your vehicle to be on the public highway, without valid insurance cover, valid road tax and a valid MOT (if applicable) Sums it up nicely!
  11. The EdF direct debit problem in France is easily solved. Simply change to having the actual bill collected, then there is no chance for them to collect more than you have used. In the UK it's not so easy as most of the tariffs are only available if you agree to monthly debits. That might be about to change now that each supplier is only allowed three different tariffs. Incidentally it did occur to me that if they are to be obliged by law to ensure that customers are always placed on the cheapest tariff, they surely only need one!
  12. Presumably something like http://www.vphase.co.uk/How-It-Works Sounds a bit like snake oil to me. But I suppose it all depends how much they cost.
  13. There has been a Parliamentary question on this matter which to date remains unanswered. IE Why are they favouring GdF over Cleavacances. http://questions.assemblee-nationale.fr/q14/14-38450QE.htm
  14. You can find the exemption here http://www.alis-sa.com/pdf/Classification.pdf N’ont pas d’incidence sur le calcul de la hauteur totale : - Le chargement sur le toit d’un véhicule ou d’une remorque - Les accessoires, tels que : antennes, coffres ou barres de toit, gyrophares, enseignes taxi, paraboles, lanternaux, panneaux solaires
  15. In most cases what they said is 100% accurate. But can still cause the problems you described. The 1500 Euros isn't actually debited to your account, a marker is placed on the account reserving that amount just in case. If it was debited, and appeared on the statement you could be charged interest if you were running a debit balance. It only causes problems if it exhausts the remaining credit on the card, as it did in your case, and is very likely to do on preloaded cards which often are only loaded with a few hundred euros. The morale is always use a card with plenty of "headroom" So if they say it won't be charged they aren't lying, just being misleading.
  16. Does the remote need a new battery after 4 years service?
  17. In case anyone is travelling and hasn't already heard, there are no sailings to or from Le Havre this weekend due to a strike at the port. Tickets are being automatically transferred to Dover - Calais
  18. I think it's a tax lawyer , rather than an accountant that is needed. If you opt out of the lease-back type of arrangement depending on how long ago you purchased, you risk having to repay the VAt that you reclaimed at the time of purchase.
  19. When you say that you are running it yourselves, do you mean that the residents have set up a kind of Coop to replace the former managers?
  20. Surely this won't affect UK residents with savings in France as they are already required to provide evidence from HMRC so as to exempt them from French deductions.
  21. There are plenty of site selling sets of keys. Eg http://www.online-pass-ptt.com/ 500 Euros a bunch.
  22. http://tram.bordeaux.free.fr/parcs_relais_bordeaux.htm Beware, as it says they are often full!
  23. Wouldn't it be easier to install a délesteur?. It forms a part of the distribution board. When the system is overloaded it disconnects the lower priority circuits such as bedroom heaters, until the load reduces, hence avoiding the main trip cutting out.
  24. People having treatment at La Roche Posay stay in one of the many hotels dedicated to serving Curistes.
  25. HSBC have a system whereby if you buy something online, they ring you to tell you a 4 digit number which you have to input to a pop-up screen. I assume that the BP system is similar.
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