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  1. Would an ordinary screen recorder really give a large enough image to be usable? Most of them only have tiny screens. The only thing that seems to advertise itself specifically as an overtaking camera is this one http://www.4kam.com/continental_cam_lhd_rhd_car_camera.htm at £150 Which has a screen roughly twice the size , like a typical satnav. Even that strikes me as being a bit small! There is also this Boys Own periscope contraption, which at £40 is at least considerable cheaper! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KRUGOZOR-UNIVERSAL-MIRROR-SYSTEM-FOR-RHD-AND-LHD-CARS-/181585443665?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2a4755fb51
  2. Which is unsurprisingly virtually identical to 28E's theoretical footprint. http://www.satbeams.com/!ajax/embed?beam=7496
  3. 1: Joemobile is a SIM-only provider. They are effectively a virtual mobile phone and internet service provider, using SFR's network. And they are even owned by SFR!

    EHIC Success!

    I believe that the option to reclaim via Newcastle no longer exists, reimbursement has to be claimed from CPAM http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcareabroad/countryguide/Pages/healthcareinFrance.aspx
  5. It's Portsmouth-Le Havre with DFDS (LD Lines) that finishes at the end of the year. The future of Newhaven-Dieppe is also in doubt, but it seems that the authorities have scraped together a bit of cash to keep it going into 2015 while further tendering/procurement activity is undertaken. However there is a real chance that by 2016 that line will also have closed down.
  6. Waitrose had a scheme for selling these less than perfect fruit and vedg abut eight years ago. It didn't seem to last for very long. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/news/waitrose-offers-ugly-fruit-and-vegetables-at-discount-rate-404612.html And strangely enough they have recently been relaunching the same kind of thing http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2645508/Damaged-ugly-fruit-sold-Waitrose-bid-cut-endemic-food-waste.html
  7. So if you are declaring it in France, are you paying both the employees and employers social charges.
  8. So if you are working remotely, it will be of no interest to the HMRC as it won't be declared on your UK tax form. But of course that opens up the other can of worms!
  9. So if you ever were to be investigated it would be down to you to demonstrate when you left the UK. Even more important to keep those ticket details!
  10. You should be able to download the update / maps you need. A map of France seems to start at 45 Euros. https://www.tomtom.com/fr_fr/shop/maps/#deviceSelected=11980&mapSelected=France
  11. I saw the extract from the article. I assume that it was removed by the copyright police!
  12. They are certainly attempting to get the start date pushed back to mid-2015 http://www.news-assurances.com/actualites/loi-hamon-les-assureurs-mutualiste-demandent-lentree-en-vigueur-resiliation-moment-au-second-semestre-2015/016783483
  13. Having closed the short-lived Poole to Spain routes at the start of the month, DFDS are now talking to the unions with a view to stopping Portsmouth - Le Havre at the end of the year. With a question mark hanging over the future of Newhaven - Dieppe it looks like Brittany Ferries will soon have the non-Dover routes all to themselves.
  14. From their website Conditions d’octroi (sans obligation de domiciliation des revenus) Pour un titulaire d’une carte Visa Revenus de 1 200 € nets/mois minimum ou 5 000 € d’encours dans nos livres Pour deux titulaires de deux cartes Visa Revenus de 2 025 € nets/mois minimum ou 7 500 € d’encours dans nos livres IE you either need a certain level of income or to hold a minimum balance in an accountant with them
  15. Surely all the bills show a comparison of current and previous year's imposition allowing you to see which components have increased, or whether it's the base valuation itself that has changed
  16. I suppose the obvious question is, is it now, and was it ever your maison principale?
  17. ABONNEMENTS Pour souscrire un abonnement, vous devez vous présenter au moins 2 heures avant votre départ au comptoir Ryanair, afin de compléter les formulaires et procéder au règlement. .............................Mois Trimestre ..Semestre ..Année Parking extérieur 130 € 220 € 350 € 590 € Parking sous-sol 170 € 290 € 480 € 790 €
  18. Not much point in trying to get French TV by satellite, unless you are intending to sign up for Canal+. You will get all the 20 main channels either from the Barrou transmitter, or if you prefer Tours local telly rather than Bourges, then point the aerial towards Descartes!
  19. But if your talking about Amiens/Albert/Picardie International at least it receives 9000 flights a year, largely related to Airbus Industries. I don't think the Rillettes and Rillons de Tours would support that level of activity.
  20. Don't know where the 50th Anniversary stuff comes from ? It was to have beeen a celebration of 50 years of roll on roll off ferries at Newhaven.
  21. So what is EDF''s latest trick? just so that we can all be warned!
  22. If ADSL is available you could go down the route that others have chosen of using the basic Orange service which you can switch on and off for each visit. Works out at around 20 Euros per month.
  23. "experiences of the Norman Voyager" Anything in particular that put you off the NV? PS It had mechanical problems in Le Havre on Friday night so it's overnight sailing to Portsmouth and Saturday's sailing to Spain were cancelled.
  24. I think what happened was that FT simply continued the payment system which existed on Minitel when the Internet took off. Virtually all of the content on there had always been chargeable once you ventured beyond directory enquiries. I imagine that they expected it to become the norm for the majority of sites to be chargeable on the internet as well! It's alwas surprised me that here isn't a law forbidding sites from giving away news content since it could be classed as competition deloyal!
  25. If the house was a near total rebuild, a French buyer is likely to ask for proof that you took out the "Assurance Dommages-Ouvrage". They may use the absence of this as a further negotiating tool. see http://www.french-property.com/guides/france/building/new-build/defect-guarantee/householder/
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