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  1. You need to ensure that the records at the local Hotel des Impots are correct. They originate the bills. The Tresor may be able to get things changed, but their role is to collect what they are instructed to collect by the Hotel des Impots.      
  2. CD- or + R and DVD - or + Rs from Amazon.fr are a fraction of the price that you can get them in the supremarkets or 'puter shops The special taxes on DVDs, CDRs etc explains part of that difference. I believe the specific tax on 50 CDRs amounts to 17 Euros, and the same tax on DVDs is about 10 Euros. Its lucky for Amazon that they can at least avoid that tax even if they do have to add French VAT.      
  3. Unless the wood is faulty, or doesn't match the specification in some way, the firm cannot be forced to give you a cash refund. Some shops , eg Auchan, go beyond the legal minimum and like M&S in the UK ,offer refunds in circumstances beyond the strict legal minima . I don't know if Lapeyre fall into this category.  
  4. I've dodged earning millions for years![:(]
  5. suspend the telephone line and internet Is that Broadband or dial-up internet?  
  6. He would be entitled to charge for any goods already purchased and loss of profit on the work.
  7. simple summary.... well as simple as it can be! http://www.vos-droits.justice.gouv.fr/index.php?rubrique=10062&ssrubrique=10203&article=11144  
  8. As La Francaise des Jeux has a legal monopoly, France will definitely be  one of the countries that the UK lottery has in mind when it reminds buyers about possible complications if tickets are purchased when abroad. What we don't know is whether they log the IP addresses of every single ticket purchased via the net.    
  9. Transfer the outward  booking  to Limoges?  
  10. I think you might as well move on and forget about the incident. If you look at the DVLA website concerning the use of EU registered vehicles in the UK it says It is the responsibility for the driver to prove how long the vehicle has been in the country. This can be done by producing ferry tickets. EU vehicles brought into the UK will be allowed to be used freely for six months in any 12-month period without the need to register in the UK, provided the vehicle complies with the requirements of its home country. Where the keeper of the vehicle becomes resident in this country, the vehicle must be immediately registered and licensed in the UK. UK residents are not allowed to use a foreign registered vehicle on UK roads.   As the driver was unable / unwilling to show how long the vehicle had been / was going to be in the UK the officers would be entitled to make further enquiries.   As the driver was unable/unwilling to give a place of residence that would give reasonable grounds for detaining him whilst those enquiries were carried out.   There was no need for the officer to understand, or arrange translation the foreign documents. The suspicion was that the driver was a UK resident illegally driving a foreign registered vehicle. The inability to produce appropriate travel documents combined with any mention of working in the UK, would only heighten those suspicions.   I'm afraid flogging a dead horse spring to mind.   Just ensure that if he is still coming to the UK to work he always carries a dossier of evidence tickets details of employment etc and adopts an appropriately docile attitude.   Don't forget details of this incident will already be on file.   PS As far as the excessive number of police involved, if this was an automatic number recognition "trap" , its normal to have over a dozen officers on hand to process cases and/or catch anyone attempting to do a runner!  
  11. I recall seeing an item on TF1 news where a UK tourist speeding south on the motorway was left stranded. The only person in the car who could drive had his licence impounded due to excess speed. They were taken to a hotel to await the arrival of a relative from the UK!      
  12. I think they are probably referring to the Minister's statement that nobody will be evicted, at any time of the year, until they have been found somewhere new to live.. http://www.lefigaro.fr/actualite-france/2009/03/12/01016-20090312ARTFIG00483-boutin-pas-d-expulsion-sans-relogement-.php  
  13. Fares for next year should start to appear in the next few weeks.  
  14. You would also be liable for any Capital Gains Tax......Provided that the property has gained since you purchased it! Depending on your age who you are giving it to there could also be a gift tax liability......up to 50%
  15. JR   ARe those prices including or excluding taxes?    
  16. Pickles is right most of the French brands contain the Persil Bio type enzymes.  
  17. You certainly do pay taxes on taxes, ie VAT on the local taxes. The main increase on the Heures Creuse tariff is the off-peak electric has increased by 9.3%. The ordinary day rate on HC has gone up by 4.3%. If you only use about 6000 units per year then the reductions in the standing charge are sufficient to bring the increase back to the headline 1.9%. However the more you use the larger will be the average increase. This gives a comparison. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_xNnXCuHLF98/So2iVYmBdzI/AAAAAAAAAHs/ZtVPNuYg7pM/s1600-h/D%C3%A9composition+bar%C3%A8mes+base+et+HPHC+EDF.jpg By the way the Edf site has always shown the rates TTC, or more accurately a typical rate TTC, because the local taxes do vary.        
  18. If your devis said that all the pipework was to be hidden then clearly this would have strengthened your case at the time. Unfortunately you are now on the defensive because you are also in the wrong. The procedure in France is roughly...........(Everything in writing , registered letters etc etc) If something is wrong with an artisan's work. Reject Work   complete written statement of what is wrong. Offer opportunity to correct work. Involve Expert Offer opportunity to correct work within set time frame. Make claim via Court and/or the artisan's insurance company. All this must be started within two years of completion. If you withhold any money , as set allowed for under the original contract (5%)   this must be held by a third party, eg a notaire,  until the legal process is completed.. These complexities are foreign to us Brits, and underlined the importance of handling such matters through your Protection Juridique.      
  19. As you have owned the property for 16 years you will be spared both French Capital Gains Tax and the cost of a Fiscal Represenative. UK Inland Revenue will however still be expecting their 18% of the gain.  
  20. I can't see how you can complain at the price of the materials . You accepted the devis and unless you can show that he is overstating any inflation element what do you hope to challenge? As for whether the pipe work should be "hidden" ,the only evidence you have is the devis which should state how the pipe is to be installed. This could be done by quantifying and pricing surface and concealed pipework with distinct prices. In the absence of any written spec French norms will apply, that means surface mounted by the shortest route! You say the boiler needs to be made safe. Presumably it has been in use for the past six years. This may undermine any claim you might wish to make.  
  21. But if it's the other way round   Chasse Reserve   The meaning is also reversed!   IE Private Shooting!  
  22. You can connect/disconnect using the internet. Le client peut suspendre ou réactiver sa Ligne Résidence Secondaire : - Depuis la ligne fixe de sa résidence secondaire en composant le 3000. Il doit alors activer un « code confidentiel ». Ce code confidentiel est indispensable au client pour réactiver la ligne de sa résidence secondaire, par le 3000, depuis une autre ligne (telle que visée à l’article 4 des présentes conditions spécifiques). - Depuis une ligne, en France métropolitaine ou dans un DOM, autre que celle de la résidence secondaire, en composant le 3000. Le numéro de téléphone de la ligne de sa résidence secondaire ainsi que le code confidentiel du 3000 lui sera demandé pour réactiver ou suspendre la ligne. Le client aura préalablement activé ce code depuis sa résidence secondaire, ainsi qu’il est dit à l’alinéa précédent. - Depuis une ligne fixe, en France métropolitaine ou dans un DOM, en se connectant sur internet à http://www.francetelecom.com, rubrique espace client. Après ouverture de son compte espace client via le numéro de la Ligne Résidence Secondaire et le montant de la dernière facture, le client doit cliquer sur l’intitulé « Demander la suspension de la ligne » pour accéder au formulaire de souscription et le valider. Pour réactiver la ligne de sa résidence secondaire, le client suivra les mêmes étapes mais devra cliquer sur l’intitulé « Demander la réactivation de la ligne ». - En téléphonant au 1014, depuis la ligne fixe de sa résidence secondaire rattachée au contrat Ligne Résidence Secondaire ou depuis la ligne fixe de son domicile principal. - Auprès de l’agence France Télécom qui gère son contrat d’abonnement au service téléphonique relatif à sa résidence principale ou auprès de l’agence France Télécom qui gère son contrat Ligne Résidence Secondaire.
  23. BJSLIV


    Pour leurs enfants de 16 à 18 ans, elles doivent toutefois envoyer un justificatif de scolarité ou d'apprentissage au titre de la nouvelle année scolaire (2009-2010).  from http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/F1878.xhtml    
  24. Look on the bright side, at least with your Professional package from Orange you can still keep in touch using the old fashioned phone when the box is playing up.  
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