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  1. Success at Limoges!

    Strangely they did ask for a CoC but when I explained I didn't think it was necessary and asked if that were true, they agreed that there was no requirement . Begs the question why they asked if I had one, but there you go.

    I did, as suggested take with me a print out from the prefecture web-site reference the CoC.

    So, £80 saved!
  2. Hi, I have been registered as an AE for 6 years now and was wondering if the income generates anything towards pension contributions?

    If so, given that I am thinking of closing down our business in France shortly, does anyone know what the process would be to ensure that any pension contributions are considered when calculating my UK pension (for which I am not yet eligible).

    Thank you.
  3. Well, my older dog was not so old that she didn't make the normal show of herself at the vet this morning when she went in for her op ..

    Two vets required to drag her down the corridor to the temple of doom ... how bad do I feel..

    Anyway, apparently all went well and we can collect her at 3.30 this afternoon. They probably wish we could collect her much earlier actually, as I have no doubt she is making a terrible nuisance of herself and looking forward to chicken for dinner. She knows she always gets chicken when she has been subjected to the torture place.

  4. Not sure why no-one else has responded to this, but I can give my view.

    I think if you are going to try to rent somewhere relatively rural then you will have a good chance of finding a place where you can take a dog.

    I once read that it was actually illegal for gite owners to refuse pets as part of their terms and conditions, so see no reason why this would not also apply to any rental accommodation. Try and search the gite owners site, as there may be something there.

    That aside, because there will always be other excuses which can be used for not accepting a rental if people really don't want dogs in their property, I see plenty of French people around here (Limousin) who rent and have dogs, so think you will be ok.
  5. Yes, coincidentally just returned from vets because our dog (nearly 9, but quite big) has a large lump under her armpit. Sprung out of nowhere.

    The vet has advised removal, so she is booked in for Monday, but I am really wondering if I have made the right decision. She is petrified of the vet and seems to take forever to come out of anaesthetic which clearly frightens her.

    Now I have been reading on internet that it may not be necessary to remove fatty lumps .... I think he is worried it will get bigger and hinder her movements. I wish I had a vet friend, got plenty of doctor friends, but no vets !!!
  6. It's a bit late, but Happy New Year to everyone..

    Has anyone tried to register a vehicle in Limoges yet without a CoC?

    Just acquired a 'new' (loosely speaking), or 'newer' vehicle from UK and need to register it. Somewhat peeved to discover that, unlike the first time I registered a Peugeot imported from UK, when the CoC was free, they now want £80 'administrative costs'.

    Therefore if I can avoid this it would of course be preferable.

    Anyone ??

  7. Yes, it's my baby (!)


    I am a fan as well, but this has always been my favourite. If I could buy another the same I would, but haven't seen one here. Any top tips on taking cuttings? (I think technically I am not allowed to actually, but who is to know, it's not like this is a public forum !)



  8. thanks Steve - yes, should have realised earlier than I did what was causing the sand problem - too late to worry now (3 years later!) - taught me to check the obvious first though before investing in replacement things like sand changes and thingie changes (cannot recall for life of me what they were called).


    Ref the stains, the pH of pool is very very low anyway (too low - it's always low) so probably adding more pH minus may not be the way to go.


    So far have tried Javel over spot(s) - well OH did this, not quite sure how he thought he would get javel to bottom of pool and didn't really ask(!)   Also tried vitamin C tablets (ditto) easy to place in position on steps or something but not so easy at bottom of 1.2m of water.


    Hopefully it will be nothing too serious.   We run a gite business (although due to external circumstances, as in I had an accident recently and am still in recovery) we have not yet been able to open this year, so not too drastic to get a resolution, at this time.   Needs to be sorted by end of first week of July though, which is when we are accepting bookings (hopefully I will be fully mobile again at that point).


    thanks for responding



  9. Theiere


    I suspect this is just going to look like a blue blob - but let's try !




    ummm, the shadow is me taking the picture of course !

  10. Well, I am not sure if anyone who originally contributed 5 years ago to this message is still visiting the site, but if so - decision was made



    And I think it was the right one !


    Now all I have to do is try to take a cutting from it - any ideas?!


    Hope the photo comes out - probably not

  11. Well done - just got the binoculars out (and he/she tracked my every movement - beginning to see why the cat is so nervous!).


    The picture looks spot-on with the colouring, eye shape, no discernible ears.   Very cute.    The only thing I would say is it doesn't just come out at dawn and dusk; it sits on one roof or another for 75% of the day, primarily in a chimney opening, where I assume her nest (if she is female and has a nest!) is.


    Many thanks

  12. I think Rabbie has a good point. We are in a farming area and although there is a large vet's practice in the local town I now only accept one of the vets for the cat (known as the cat man!) and another for our dog (he has been treating our dog with her numerous allergy problems now for 7 years and we know that he at least understands what the problems are and when she is in crisis mode). We avoid (unless an emergency) the extremely nice vet who is known as the 'cow man' - for obvious reasons. I think if there is a large vet practice then the key is to find the vet who deals best with your animal and do not be worried about asking for that particular vet - no-one at our surgery seems to take offence when we ask for a specific vet.
  13. Theiere


    It is not one stain, it is about 5 splotches around the bottom of the liner.    Without having an underwater camera (needless to say we don't have one of these) then I do not think it would be captured in a photograph - I will try later, but doubt it would help.


    The problem, of course, is that I have no idea what is causing it, thus not knowing how to go forward with resolving the problem.


    Yes, we would be interested to utilise your services if you are around in next couple of weeks - could you pm me when you might be around etc?


    I will try for a photograph - busy with the binoculars owl watching right now - although fairer to say that the slightly scary owl is more busy tracking my every movement than vice versa.



  14. We have a new owl on the block. He is out all during the day (no idea if at night) and sits on top of my neighbours roof - that is until he sees my cat - he then dives for the cat.    The cat has now taken to scurrying across the ground ducking from cover to cover. I even caught him cowering when a sparrow flew over him yesterday. This may not be a bad thing; it may reduce the number of bird carcasses in the garden now he has clearly met his match!


    However, I have been googling owls which come out during the day and cannot seem to see one which seems likely. He is a cute little thing - small (well probably not from a cat's pov), brown, no white markings. There was a chick around a week or so ago but haven't seen it for last few days, so not sure if it is a female protecting a brood.


    We are in Limousin region - does anyone else have an owl that they see all day ?

  15. Theiere


    Thank you - yes, I am (finally) coming to the same conclusion myself. I have been looking at different testing kits - could you recommend the kind of tester I should be using, as there are so many and as you can see I am not great at pool-related things.


    Many thanks

  16. No ideas anyone?

    I know I am completely useless at the pool thing - OH is now outside in rain staring despondently at bottom of pool waiting for me to give him instruction as to what to do .... he will be waiting quite some time .....


    Sorry, just at a loss as to what to do first ... thinking add something to increase total hardness (is it anti-calcaire?), then bring pH up some, and then see what happens? Probably wrong - have spent all day reading and cannot get my head around it - and that from a former bio-chemist - shame on me.



  17. Not bumping the thread after three years (!)

    Still looking for someone in area, not for the same reason - this time we have stains appearing at bottom of liner.    Anyone new sprung up in the area that is a actually a pool technician?


    Oh dear, and sorry, three years too late ......... reference previous problem, had sand changed, had new spoke thingies put in ..... same problem.   Eventually (doh!) I thought to check the aspirator head, only to find that it was filled with sand (probably to keep it on the bottom of pool) and was leaking sand ... new aspirator head (25 euros) problem resolved ..... that does not take into account the couple of hundred we needlessly paid to have sand changed and new spoke thingies put in the filter .... never mind, live and learn.   So anyone with same problem, suggest having a good look at your pool cleaner head first !

  18. Hi everyone


    We have previously had stains on our pool steps (fibre-glass) which eventually just seem to disappear throughout the summer.


    This year, however, we now also have stains appearing at the bottom of the pool on the pool liner.   The stains will not brush away.   I am not sure if they are the same kind of stains as are on the pool steps.   I tried brushing a lemon over them but nothing happened.   Have also shocked the pool, ditto.     The stains are brownish in colour although in some lights they look darker, almost blue - its quite hard to see as they are on bottom of pool.   Stains on steps are light brown.

    Water test results as follows (yes, I am sorry, we do use tester strips ..... )


    Total hardness - 100

    total chlorine - 2

    Free chlorine - 3

    pH - 6.5 (pH is always low in the pool, has always been low, seems impossible to raise it very much)

    Total alkalinity - 40

    Cyanuric acid - showing zero (!)


    We use multi-chlor tablets from the local pool shop.


    Can anyone suggest next steps to try and resolve problem please?


    Many thanks

  19. We have had a bat flying around our house last week - we put it out (opened doors windows and it flew out).


    Today we found one climbing the stairs during the day. Put it out, flew away, 5 minutes later, another (or possibly the returnee!) bat flying around living room.


    We do not have a loft (converted) and there are none hanging in converted roof space. We never see where they are coming from. We have been here 6 years and this is the first time we have ever had them, although there is definitely a bat colony or more around here somewhere as we see them flying around the street light outside at night.


    We have had a bat living in our cellar ever since we came here (still there last time I looked), and I don't mind him, but I don't really want a host of them flying around house every evening (even though it endlesslessly entertains the dog, who seems to love to watch them).


    Any ideas for finding out how they are getting in please ? Old house, probably small holes all over the place.


    Also, seems strange to see one flying around in the afternoon - is this normal?

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