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  1. I am considering setting up an 'Enterprise Individuelle' doing repairs/maintenance of garden machinery.

    I have the qualifications/ attestations necessary to register for this work but given the high initial cost of cotisations etc before I earn anything has anyone any suggestions as to how I can get some idea of the likely demand for my services?

    I cannot advertise unless I am registered and am reluctant to register without some idea as to the potential take up.

    Any ideas gratefully received!

  2. I am one of the people affected by the new healthcare rules and as such when my e106 runs out I will lose entitlement to state healthcare.

    I have a level of income that means I will be paying cmu cotisations.

    Does anyone know if I will have to continue paying into the cmu even though I am not entitled to any benefit from it?

  3. Having read this link this is what understand it to say:

    Those who are 'inactive' and are at present affiliated to the CMU will have six months 'grace' to find alternative healthcare provision.

    I assume this means six months from 30th september 2007 but it does not actually state this.

    Holders of e106/121 will have thier cover withdrawn immediately upon the expiry of the said 'e' form. I dont know where this leaves people whose 'e' forms run out this coming january.

    Does anyone concur with my interpretation?

  4. I went canoeing on a sidestream of the Charente at Bourg Charente last thursday.

    I got within 15 metres of an otter before it swam to the bank and disappeared.

    It didn't seem peturbed by my presence.

    I think its fair to say that I was the one most suprised by the encounter!

  5. It sounds to me that you are talking about the exhaust manifold, which in french is a 'collecteur d'echappement'. They are usually made of cast iron but as to whether it can be welded or brazed depends on where it is cracked as the heat generated by such repairs may distort the manifold.

    The one on my Renault cracked and I had to have a replacement. Cost me about €150.

  6. Started again this morning. To cut what could be a long story short, by much careful aligning and more experience with the satfinder meter I have got a good signal.

    My thanks to you all for information about the other satellites, from this I was able to separate the signals I was getting and eventually lock onto the right one.

  7. Apologies for inaccuracy in my last post. I was being lazy when I said The dish was pointed 28e without checking first.

    The settings I have used are 143 degrees, 31 degree elevation and 17 degree clockwise tilt on the lnb. I found these figures by 'googling'. As I said before the coordinates the dish is in now correspond very closely to the previous marks.

    I have just moved the dish vertically by less than a metre and before I moved it I was getting a signal.

    I'll try setting it up again from scratch tomorrow.

  8. Thanks for your replies. I am pretty confident that I am pointing at the right satellite because when I first installed the dish I marked the direction and elevation on the support brackets with indelible marker and as all I have done is moved the dish vertically then those marks gave me a good starting point. I have double checked it with a compass and it is as near as possible to tell, on 28e.

  9. I have a panasonic digibox connected to an 80cm dish. When I first set it up about 8 months ago it recieved most of the free channels OK with a signal strength of about 80% and signal quality of about 40%.

    For the last 2 months the reception has been getting worse until I could get virtually nothing at all. I tried adjusting the dish and resetting the digibox but to no effect, in fact I lost the signal completely!

    I guessed it might be because of surrounding trees coming into leaf so I moved the dish to a clearer position and with the aid of sat finder meter set it up again.

    The meter shows a signal strength of around 90% both at the lnb and the digibox ends. but I still get nothing, not even network ID or transport stream readings.

    I have reset the digibox, removed and replaced the card etc to no avail.

    Any suggestions please?

  10. My doctor insists that I see him every month for my prescriptions. This has been OK up till now but he was on holiday last week so I have been unable to get an appointment until next week and have no medication left.

    I will have to remember to ask him what his holiday plans are every time I visit him in future!

  11. There is a "Troc Moto" being held at Juillac le Coq near Cognac (16) on the 29th April where all sorts of things 'bike' are bought sold and exchanged.

    That one is probably too far away for you but it may be worth looking for a similar event in your area.

  12. I was advised by the DWP that I could wait for the outcome of the new pensions bill, which, if passed means I have enough contributions for a full pension. If for any reason the bill did not go through it was possible to pay up to 5 years cl3 contributions in arrears so I'm going to wait for the outcome of the new Pensions bill before paying any more contributions.

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