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  1. I sold a property in Brittany back in 2007 for 12 000€ (it wasn't very big!)

    Today a cheque arrived for 900€ as they are 'purging the account'.

    Excellent news but why did they have it and why would they hang on to it for so long?

    Should have said  - it was from the Notaire

  2. I brought my LHD citroen back and used is for a couple of months before selling it on ebay.  I had an excellent response from people wanting to take it back to France.   It sold for more than I bought it for 5 years ago!  Similar cars here are dirt cheap.

    As for the speedo, I put my Japanese grey import through several MOTs with a km speedo - no problems.

  3. My daughter would like to mimprove her French after A-levels and was considering taking a year out and giving voluntary help in a primary school for a few months.  We thought this would be straightforward but there appears to be the usual red-tape and an exam(?) so the Maire informs us.  Has anybody heard of or sat this exam? Any information or other ideas are welcome.

  4. Have you thought about boarding school in England?  If you require more information regarding dyslexia or dyscalculia I would be happy to help (although my knowledge of help in France is zero, we do have 3 French/Swiss students).  Send me a pm.


  5. I see what you mean JR!!!

    Is hoverfrog's car actually RHD (wheel on the right!)originally from the UK and now in France on French plates therefore worth peanuts?

    Unfortunately it may appeal to people who want to drive it in England, avoiding parking fines, car tax and speeding tickets - easy if it's not re-registered.

    I'm still interested in the original poster's question - can you get the car to a channel port?

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