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  1. hello, ok, i`ve tried searching for anything to do with the above mentioned title and had no luck, so i`ll try a post, here goes, any advice appreciated. i`m in the process of getting registered to work here and am unclear about the insurances necessary for my trades. i`m going to start off as simply as possible after recently attending a chambre de metiers course and basically realising that i can`t cope with the tax system yet until my language improves dramatically, so it`s an "enterprise individuelle" under a "micro-bic" tax regime for me to start with in order to give me time to get more used to things, get over feeling like going back to being a five year old, and work on my french of course!. i wish to offer as many services as possible within my capabilities, qualifications and experience obviously so that i don`t limit my chances of finding work these include carpentry and joinery ( not roofing though, mainly non structural stuff, 2nd fix,menuissirie i think they call it without a dictionary to hand) painting and decorating interior and exterior and wall tiling, floorcovering works- ceramic tiles, carpets,vinyls, woods, screeding, boarding, small non structural building works such as stone garden walls,patios and decking, fencing, general property maintenance and general labour of any description really including things like garden maintenance lawn and hedge cutting as well if possible. with regard to insurance for my customers to guarantee the quality of my work; 1. is it possible to insure myself for all these things under one banner? 2. or do i need a separate insurance for each activity? 3.would trying to do too many things just be too costly from this point of view? 4.can i approach any insurance company broker for a quote? several would be a good idea i guess) 5. what other insurances do i need. (public liability) 6.is there anyone out there who is doing something simialar who can advise me how to go about it? this was`nt really covered on my course and too be honest by the end of it couldn`t bring myself to ask the question, just wanted to get out of there!! so to sum up: i have the papers and experience, how do i insure myself as a multitrade artisan within these fields and get on with earning a living here? part answers or advice to any one of my one thousand questions will do just fine thankyou! please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppp me!!!
  2. hi charles, yes it is a stone house, not sure what the infestation is at this stage, but there`s something in there!! the floorboards have been lifted on the second level and the main beams left. i don`t know if the timber needs replacing? have`nt got that far into it yet but i guess it is possible?. what are your thoughts please.
  3. hello, can anyone give me any idea of costs involved in underpinning a house of approx 50sqm and eradication of woodboring insects on the same property. yes i know!! say no more! just trying to work out if it would be viable, any advice appreciated from those with the knowledge or experience of these things, or if anyone knows where i could get the information? many thanks.
  4. hi, i heard an interesting tried and tested little tip recently. before you apply for planning permission to convert the barns tell edf you need 1 socket and 1 switch in there in order to use it as a workshop. get this installed by an acredited sparky and then get the consuel to sign it off at this stage.thereafter you can carry on and wire the whole thing yourself without further inspection or consuel visits.haven`t done this myself so obviously investigate further but i believe there is some sort of loophole which makes this possible.good luck.
  5. please ignore this post , meant to be areply to someone else but clicked the wrong button!!
  6. thanks roger, looking at plots as we speak so i`m sure i will be able to line up a further interrogation very soon. well done and good luck to you!!
  7. hi thanks for sharing your experiences. i have already got a french car i`m talking about a van that i used to move over in. the dilemma being as you know i`m sure, second hand vehicles cost twice as much here, so do i pay for the registration or just buy a new van?? decisions decisions !! i`ll work it out i suppose? thanks again.
  8. many thanks for your opinion on the subject
  9. hi ron, i appreciate your time and i promise this will be the last message i will write on this subject!!! but the registration document i have (v5) does not have a tear off slip at the bottom it it has an exported box to tick in the middle of the form (sect c) and the whole form has to be returned which means i do not get to hang onto it. it also says "we will issue you with an export certificate asap but we may have to inspect the vehicle first" how are they going to do that? i have read numerous messages on this and other forums from people advising you to hang onto your document at all costs. i guess if this is all i can do i will have to photocopy it first and then  send the original by recorded delivery to ensure they receive it and can`t deny it, don`t trust the efficiency of these big organisations!! thanks again ron
  10. ok thanks ron, thats a bit clearer. so i need to export it first,but that means sending back my reg doc to england which means i will have no proof of ownership here. will what they send me back be ok to use here? what if they lose it? or is there a better way of exporting whilst holding on the reg document e.g. saying i have lost it!! what is DRIRE? thankyou for your help, only been here three months ,been a lot to think about with 3 kids, have overlooked the van issue! 
  11. thankyou so much, i am eternally grateful!!!!
  12. hi roger, thanks for the info, i have a friend here who has just had a house built and it was a year before he could move in. he is now completing the inside of the house himself as it was left pretty basic, delibarately so i think to keep costs down. are you doing any work yourself on the inside? are you using a private builder or a large company? what sort of habitable space will you have on completion? so your figure of 1250e sq m includes all your architects fees? did you have a design in mind or has the architect come up wiith something you like? or have you bought a pre-determined design off plan? by driveway access i presume you mean groundwork with a digger to create your driveway? so many questions!!! sounds like a good price for the land and good to hear you have a nice view, good luck with your project.
  13. hi val,thanks for the reply, i already have a french car and insurance for that.are you suggesting i take out an insurance policy for the van before i know whether it will pass a ct here? do you mean i could take a policy for a month? the english insurance has just run out.excuse my ignorance but why would my french insurance company not insure me for a van?the van is 11 years old, i don`t have any official bill of sale as it was bought privately in the uk without vat.i`d like to keep it on the road because vans here cost twice as much and it has a good engine.perhaps the re-reg process will prove to be too costly anyway?
  14. hello clever french speakers, i`m doing ok at the language but have a little matter bothering me at present, could somebody clarify for me when it is appropriate to use the following; celui-ci, celui-la, ceci,cela,celles-ci,ceux-ci,ceux-la,celles-la, etc................................... you get the idea? these little words are driving me mad!!! please help me!!!!  
  15. hello, i have a van here that i would like to keep on the road legally.everything has run out now mot etc.. i gather i can take a control technique here but do i need to re-register it first or can i see if it will pass before i go to the expene of re-registering and then get the necessary modifications made, bit confused how to go about it??
  16. hello, i can`t find what i want in the dordogne so am now looking at building plots.can anyone give me a rough idea of what it will cost me to build a four bed ,perigordian style, 170sqm ish or bigger (although that restricts what i can do , does it not?) habitable space stone faced house not inclusive of the plot if i employ an independant builder to do the bare minimum to get my 10 year guarantee ( i.e. walls and roof) and finish the rest myself? rough idea per sqm ? how much does an architect charge?? what other costs are involved? big question i know, but anyone out there been through something simialar who can give me any useful advice?
  17. hello, does anyone know of a good kennel in the south dordogne or somebody who could have our well behaved chocolate labrador for one week at xmas 24th - 31st december? any info much appreciated.
  18. hello, just a quick question, does anyone know of any indoor public pools anywhere within the perigueux, sarlat, bergerac triangle or thereabouts. after the summer swimfest my kids are really missing it and used to go all the time in england, or do people only swim in summer in france? any information would be much appreciated.
  19. thankyou so much for your reply`s, suspected this was the case, the reassurance has been just what i needed. can`t believe the guy is requesting that i move in the middle of december with three young children aged under 6!! i appreciate the responses and will now decide how to play it. on a different note...........what a beautiful month september has been here in france.
  20. hello people, i`ve been here for three months on a three year unfurnished lease with a young family.my landlord has just requested that i move out in december!! i`m a bit suprised as they have always been very friendly towards us but i guess he is a landlord at the end of the day. i suspect he wants to build a house on the land in front of this one while he lives here although his explanation is he has had a job transfer to a town nearby!! this maybe a way he can shorten the lease possibly. i can speak and write some french and get the general idea of what he is requesting through the agency but cannot read the contract in full.without going into the whole story can someone give me an accurate translation of these sentences (a letter from the agency explaining the position) "de ce fait,il nous demande de re-integrer sa maison dans un brief delai : 15 decembre 2005.selon le contrat de location, il ne peut pas vous donner un delai aussi cours car vous louez actuellement cette maison jusqu`au 30 juin 2008, et s`il veut re-integrer sa maison, il doit vous avertir 6 mois avant le 30 juin 2008 (donc le 31 decembre 2007)" " nous lui avons explique que vous etiez a la recherche d`un bien et qu`il est possible que vous achetiez une nouvelle maison, ce qui vous permettrait de quitter la maison que vous louez" i think i understand but just need confirmation from a better french speaker please, i think it is up to me basically if i allow this request, any help much appreciated.
  21. thankyou for the reply`s, wealth tax is not a problem for me as i am not that wealthy!! i intend to become resident here (been here for three months) so i can`t leave my money in the uk and get a mortgage here anyway (without transfering my money to france) which knocks out the interest covering the repayment option (i think!) and savings rates are not the same here ? so looks like a cash purchase and a possible remortgage against existing property in the future as i would to do a buy to let or two. who knows? can`t find what i want at the moment so maybe i`ll start looking at plots and build. tricky trying to work it all out when you first get here, i`m sure you have all been through it !! i`m in 24.  
  22. hello all, having a bit of a confused day today so decided to turn to the forum for inspiration! being a rather simple non financial type of person i`m wondering if anybody can give me a brief outline of the pro`s and cons of buying property in france with a french mortgage as opposed to a cash purchase.i appreciate i get to hang onto my cash but does this work out beneficial when the interest i pay on the mortgage is taken into account. yes i know i need a financial adviser and i also know i am stupid but any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated, or maybe the subject is just too broad to answer in an e-mail. can somebody more intelligent please share their knowledge and experience?
  23. hello, i want to register and be able to work in france legally.i would like to supply building and general maintenance trades(decorating , floor tiling etc..) on a self employed basis.do i need to do a course at the chamber de metiers or can i arrange this with the help of an accountant?. will probably register as a microbic(is that the right word?)if i do not need the course (which is not cheap)can anyone recomend a good english speaking accountant in 24 i could contact, many thanks for any opinions offered.
  24. hi jan,yes i saw that but where is le gars? gironde?
  25. hello good people, i`ve only been in france for just over two months now but looks like i will be staying for a while. i am renting a property and looking at options for buying either land or a house and am not working at the moment,my children have just started school here also so will be making an appearance on the education forum shortly i would imagine! my main income is the interest from our house sale in the uk, as this does not cover all my expenses can anyone tell me from experience whether i am entitled to apply to have it paid without tax taken off at source in order to obviously make it go a bit further. have written off to all the benefit agencies in the uk as my eight weeks is up and will shortly get affiliated to the system here when i get the right forms back. any advice will be appreciated.  
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