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  1. Keeping our heads down....resting our chins on our tum's!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha I've just got back from Paris so not a lot of weight lost.  I honestly can't be bothered. I'm off back on Atkins to kick start.
  2. Last year I changed the use of this property from three flats to a house....my bill doubled! When I went into the Impots, the last owner had declared 78m². Half! Thankfully, the man I saw was a very nice man.  A very nice man indeed.  No mention was made of the twelve years undervalued...
  3. That is if all the bits and pieces are in the box....she said bitterly. The first one I got was utter rubbish (broken in some way) and they sent a wizz of a man round to sort me out with the second and since then, no trouble at all.  Cost a fortune telephoning the help line - HAH! - and then 50 odd euros for the visit. (You might not want to know that there is a livebox site full of even more bitter people than me[;-)])
  4. You can find it all over.  Very small amount grudgingly displayed but it is there. I bought some on Saturday.  Bit dear though.....!
  5. [:D][:D][:D] I was forced to watch the Formula One too..... Rugby is my game but I must say, that ref was fit.....[6]
  6. Those of us who galivanted off that is. We had a fabulous time in Paris.  What glorious weather! How about you Cassis?  We passed near Alençon before I realised you lived close by (knew by your shameless advertising[;-)]) and my little Miki....get away?
  7. I watched it. France were very, very unlucky to not be allowed their first four goals.  Not their fault they were in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Scotland seemed to need a steadying hand every few minutes the way they held on to the French side.  Then, all of a sudden, their elbows would jerk up into the French sides faces and then their legs would go from under them and accidentally trip the French side up. Then, because of their bad memories, they couldn't explain their actions to the ref.  (and wasn't HE cute???) Scotland must have some maladie or other.  Mad Footballer's Disease?
  8. Our neighbour opposite Château Despair lives in St Malo so it is his weekend retreat/second home...and he pays more taxes and more rubbish bill. Very strange.  Especially about the rubbish.  I can't understand why but that is France for you.
  9. Redon?  I wonder why you thought that? Haven't you been paying attention all these years????[:D] Don't like Redon but the bit right slap bang in the middle at the traffic lights coming from Malestoit is pretty.  The old bit.  I pass by the new industrial estates on the way to Nantes so don't pass there now. Need your wellies in Redon....[;-)]
  10. I have never seen anyone 'dressed correctly' for a funeral until I went to FIL's. I like it best when you go to a dance or Fest Noz and the men are wearing blue combinations and wellies....
  11. You have been ill-informed.  It is six months, October to March, when you can't evict a tenant.  It is not easy to turf them out afterwards either.  For one thing, by the time the cogs of law have turned, it is winter again and another six months twiddling your thumbs and so it goes on. The people I know who had the problem with non payment of rent only 'got rid of them' because they left of their own accord.
  12. No, never needed anything translating either. I'm a bit worried about your belief that you will be able to claim anything here.  There is nothing like French bureaucracy.  Believe me.  You might well be entitled to everything going but it could take six months for you to actually touch an euro.  Be carefull.  Plan on getting nothing then if you do receive something, it is a bonus. Judging by the huge amounts of people who need Resto de la Coeur, Croix Rouge, Catholic Society and all the others, money is not easy to come by from social sources.
  13. Alexis


    Every day is new so if you sinned the day before, it doesn't matter.  After all, you smoked less than normal. (Just take a look at our diet attempts!!!) As for not having a fag in the house, it might drive me crazy but you know yourself best.  I don't eat chocolate but I like to know I could have a square if I wanted one and that a bar was snug in the cupboard. Shouting my name....
  14. What market?  What bus stop? (there is only one!) Why Josselin, of course.  Our Duc is Josselin de Rohan.  Right hand man or something. We have just been talking about the battle and just think, if Ségoléne wins, she can pick François to be her Prime Minister! Talk about keeping it in the family. Gilles thinks that she is too light weight and says don't forget Le Pen...
  15. Close to IKEA.  Stand with your back to IKEA facing the escalators and the Chinese is on your right after a couple of other restos.  There are a LOT of restos.  All packed to bursting at lunchtime. MMMmmm.  Nems.  Foreign stuff!  Luvverley. Worth the trip I think[:)]  You could always stop at the Chinese supermarket in Rennes (if it is on your route) too. Last time I ate at IKEA it was rubbish so that is the end of that.
  16. Re-reading my earlier post, I am as clear as mud.  I meant people not paying their rent in the winter months who have no help from the CAF or CPAM.  Sorry for that.  These are normally well-paid individuals who just know their laws and rights and don't pay up.  Don't get me started!  A friend of mine was three years trying to get rid of a couple who paid the first months rent and the deposit.... The people with assistance are a good bet as, I said before, their rent is paid.  As it is mainly SMIC around me, I would say that lots of people get help in varying amounts. Am I missing a point (highly unlikely!) when I look at property in the UK to rent and they state no DHSS?  Don't they get help?    
  17. Did you spot our Duc sat next to Sarky and opposit Dominique the other night on the news?  What a star! You often see him around the market.  I saw him stood waiting for the bus the other month. Bit pally with Jacques apparently.
  18. September 2007.  They have promised me for Rennes... (paper yesterday said September 2008 but I'm sure it was a printing mistake!) Nantes is two hours from me.  I don't go often these days - no hospital visit every day - but I go about once every three months for a little look and a tour of St Herblain.  I know it like the back of my hand now. They have a Chinese restaurant too....!
  19. Well, I love IKEA.  Possibly because I only know the French variety. Anyway, 600 jobs is 600 jobs.  Not to be sniffed at if you are on the dole.
  20. They are doing it on purpose.  They know I am flitting! Just an article in the paper which talked about all the shop jobs that would be arriving.
  21. It is illigal in France.  There was a big hu-ha earlier this week.  (Can you tell I didn't really take any notice?) Ségoléne Royale was not born in France.  Was it the Gambia or Cameroon?  Anyway, she was there earlier this week.  Another story I didn't listen to... I'm hopeless.
  22. Hell, Miki.  You could have come here.  Shall I leave the door on the latch?[:D] Vannes is nice....  Josselin is better. SIL live in Neuphre le Chateau or somewhere like that.  Just ouside Paris.  She is known as The Duchess in the family....Apparantly it is a small village and she lives in a big longére.  She hasn't been there long but she has always lived close to Paris.  Doesn't like the country. We have got a Parisian coming to view here Friday afternoon.  Fingers crossed!
  23. I rented out one of my flats to a young man handicapped and it was either the CAF or CPAM who paid.  The money was paid directly into my bank account and increased every year or so. Thinking, I am sure it was the CPAM.  I will check.  I also rented a flat to his mother and she paid in cash from the CAF.  All very satisfactory.  Stops the buggers not paying in winter if the money is paid by the social.....
  24. Have a wonderfull time. Don't forget your brolly. We are off to Paris on Friday.  Chateau of SIL.  Best take some un-paint splashed clothes if I've got some.
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