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  1. The Schengen ruling for third country nationals is not 90 days a year it’s 90/180 days on a rolling programme. There are online calculators that would allow you to see how that fits in with your plans.
  2. An easy way to get a laptop with a qwerty keyboard in the EU is to order one from Holland. The operating system can be in English as well.
  3. Your big problem will be that your Italian residency will count for nothing when you arrive in France, you will be considered to be a British Citizen arriving in France after 31/12/2020. The France Visas page should have answers to most of your questions.
  4. As an energy source to replace petrol and Diesel engines in cars electricity will only work to its maximum when the electricity generated is as ‘green’ as can be. That will require a continued huge investment in green electricity through solar, wind and hydro electricity including tides and currents. It’s too easy for doubters to point at fossil fuel electricity generation and say that EVs still pollute. It worth pointing out that even the inefficient hybrids have their plus points, if used thoughtfully they can significant reduce the harmful gasses from motor vehicles in towns and cities. Investment in green electricity will also be needed if hydrogen engines are going to become a realistic option as a lot of electricity will be needed to produce the clean fuel. Hydrogen cars emit water vapour, that might ‘only’ be water but it’s also a greenhouse gas.
  5. How straightforward do you need the maths to be?
  6. Unfortunately even you have to agree with facts sometimes.
  7. There is already a crackdown on excessively noisy vehicles using decibel meters linked to some speed cameras. https://actu.fr/societe/radar-anti-bruit-des-amendes-pour-les-motards-a-partir-de-2022_43744952.html
  8. Arsenic and other heavy metal residues leaching into water courses around HERE, and probably many other old mining areas. Sibblyback resevoir that provides water for much of eastern Cornwall drowned an arsenic mine along with a few other less frightening sounding ones.
  9. Mark Cavendish , what a rider! Just one win away from equalling the number of stage wins. And he is English!!! Rule Britannia! After the football thread farce can we really believe that he is genuine?
  10. Some people are quite happy to ignore little details like facts and the truth when rushing to broadcast their points of view.
  11. A great post rock, thank you.
  12. Vaccines.Deals with Norway and Australia and now a Nissan plant Thank you for demonstrating how far away from reality you are. Someone who believes the propaganda not the facts. The fact that you are a loud shouty person almost makes it funny.
  13. It’s nice to see tha ALBF is continuing his bulletins from another universe.
  14. Well at least you are consistent. Yet again you are ignoring the facts and spouting nothing but how things appear to Ken. Do yourself a favour, do some research and see what a fool you are making of yourself with your inflammatory comments.
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