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  1. As Two French Seals said Phoque~ ing brilliant ps nomoss I had the displeasure of living in Quillan Aude near Axat for 3 years where abouts do you hang out
  2. Kong wrote Great thing about bleach from an eco point of view is it breaks down and therefore doesn't do long term damage like salt/vinegar mixes do. Not convinced can you show evidence for this idea its eco friendly the weeds will not agree salt and vinegar are natural products, bleach aint Wonder what the snails worms etc think as they burn to death
  3. Not stopped raining since January and still pouring down
  4. Hi Can you describe the tap that you cannot connect to
  5. I have just looked at the web site you refer to, its not accurate it states for me less than 3 MB but I have via copper wire 11.5 MB I also looked at my last home 3 months ago it stated less than 3 MB I was getting much higher 7,5MB going further back 3 years I was getting 1.25 MB in an area now 10 MB plus but I was in the middle of nowhere at the end of long copperline
  6. Hi I imagine you will have at least a copper connection and get a slow internet connection I lived for a few years out side of Freesat TV and managed with slow 1.25 MB internet connection via a VPN to watch UK television threw the BBCiplayer What you are thinking about is very expensive and does have download limits
  7. The first prerogative of any government is to protect its people I suggest that means supporting a a viable arm force at all times If in need all andy pandy poofdeywoofeders need to enroll to support its nation It will be good to identify individuals who are prepared to act in different rolls aggressive or supportive or even non participants for future national military force
  8. A great idea about time youngsters learnt discipline
  9. Its just two wires, grey and white easily done, never asked anybody in the last 4 homes but it worked both telephone and internet
  10. Its a shame the forum is going it was once great,back in 2008 I started a thread "Found in the garden" as basquesteve, Chris helped a lot it and ran for 140 pages over the years but due to photo bucket pulling the plug me giving the schoolboy formula for gunpowder and having a great argument till 5 in the morning re Hydrangeas was banned PS The Aude is crap now back in the Bearn tis home
  11. On average two and a bit fumblings every day for many years must be a wankers record, a complete tea pot
  12. Good luck But I disagree "Biggest unrealistic expectation was the Winter weather, which I found even on the Med much wetter and colder than expected. So if avoiding Winter heating bills is an objective, France is not the place! " Here in the Aude it never rains "Last but not least France has got expensive, especially in the south," Dead cheap here I have lived in France 21 years Correze , Pays Basque Aude what a dump and now moving back to the Bearn It's madness returning to the UK
  13. Google Google .uk plenty of results https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=club+foot&oq=club+foot&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i61l3.4273j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  14. Sounds like its still wet a bit like my model speed boat's so called waterproof electronic brushless controller when it goes sub surface Stick it in the sun for a few days
  15. Hi As clock repairer/restorer its quite easy File of the old point saw/file a deep slot, insert a brass strip, solder /silver solder/braze / But if aluminium casting superglue and file to shape
  16. It seems two view points are raised I would welcome an organ in need and offer my own If that offends you and you do not wish to accept others donations to extend your life/quality so what If your car or washing machine breaks down do you not happily replace the broken part or go for rebirth Why is this for you so great issue
  17. Quotes Be careful, they may be Asian Hornets (frelons asiatique) and they have a nasty temper if you pîss them off. Good luck with the annoying creatures, do they have a useful purpose?... My 21 years of knowing Asian Hornets are they are not hot tempered and probably less aggressive than the European species and they do not fly at night As for a purpose yes many garden pests are whipped away and eaten Paper Wasps are the worst
  18. HI Thats a hard one Balsa is a hardwood and easy to stick a pin in so density and hardness do not figure Softwoods are pines /conifers, perhaps a good sniff will help I can recognize most wood by colour and grain but it needs hands on to tell
  19. Hi nomoss I always thought ex or X was the unknown factor,rather than a has-been, it sounds more logical to me Whats a " has been" in engineering is it Brunel or Stephenson?
  20. Hi I would leave them alone unless you keep Bees after many years they have never threatened me as for being allergic the wasp intends to hurt you and what ever pain loss off life it causes is in its favour to leave it be
  21. alittlebitfrench wrote: ...and don't paint a door using a roller !!! I will second that
  22. Hi Keeping it really simple if your computer can connect to the internet plug the headphone socket of your puter into an amplifier or just use the computers speakers To change stations normally you have to return to the puter WIFI ,BLUE Tooth have nothing to do with reception any old bit of wire can connect another speaker
  23. Does the internet make it easier or harder to move and live in France ? Daft question how does the internet make it harder lets have a few examples
  24. Hi How many computers to you have and can any connect via wi fi I have not been able to use sat radio/tv for years and get by on the internet This for radio is my favorite http://www.internetradiouk.com/#bbc-radio-4 I plug the computers head phones into my audio gear as I just do with UK TV for perfect pitch/volume
  25. You can go to any optician you wish, who can then supply the correct glasses, as I have had (800 Euros) The ophthalmologist after a long wait checks your eyes medically and the prescription every 2/3 years, its not cheap but great to find alls OK
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