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  1. I am having trouble with one paragraph in a contract and would be grateful for any help. I can translate the individual words but not the actual meaning (if that makes sense).

    Le vendeur déclare ne pas avoir constaté jusqu'a ce jour l'existence de ties indices et l'Acquereur déclare avoir dispensé tant le Vendeur que le Notaire de faire effectuer une recherché de la présence éventuelle de mérules par un diagnostiqueur spécialisé.

    I have read it many times now and each time I decide it means something different.

    Any help would be gratefully received and thanks in advance
  2. Have you looked at airbnb.com?

    We recently had visitors from Australia and they toured Britain and had a studio apartment in London for a week with them. They were very happy with every place they stayed. There was an article about the site in the Sunday Times a few weeks ago - it was set up by a student who started offering his spare room and now it is worldwide. We have found an apartment in Brittany for September this year so will keep fingers crossed.
  3. Thanks Clair

    ITV do the daily programme which we watch when in UK. Unfortunately can't get UK TV on iPad when in France.

    Will try F2 and 3 . May be able to watch on YouTube too.

    Have to have our daily fix - maybe not the best expression to use in relation to The Tour!

    Thanks again
  4. This year we will be in France during the Tour. Does anyone know which TV channels (if any) show a highlights programme. We know that Eurosport has live coverage but we would like to be able to see the highlights of each stage as we have limited access via our iPad .

    Thanks for any info.
  5. When we first started visiting France many years ago we could go on guided tours in Northern France and understand most of what was said but didn't have a clue when we went further south.

    Originally from mid-Wales but working in London I met someone who was able to place my home within 6 miles!

    No offence to our Scottish neighbours but I used to have to activate the subtitles to watch Programmes like Taggart and Kenny Dalgleish was a total mystery.

    It is a fascinating subject and like other people on the forum, one which I would have liked to study.
  6. Thanks for info about Sarenza. I have every sympathy with your son's girlfriend. I had given up looking for shoes in France as I take a 42/43 - the last time I went into a shoe shop and asked if they had a particular shoe in a 42 the assistant laughed openly in my face!! The time before that, the assistant said ,"42" in such an exaggerated manner all over the shop my husband grabbed my arm and manoeuvred me out of the door before I could respond.
  7. Have researched a bit more and next week we will be off to start the ball rolling. A bit aprehensive but fingers crossed will be able to deal with it - following links on here have found an english speaking notaire - this will help a lot as although I speak passable french I do not have a lot of confidence and always feel more confident if I have as much info in my brain as possible. Thanks to everyone who replied.

    Just one more question that I can't seem to find an answer to (sure it is on here somewhere but obviously not putting search info in correctly.

    We have decided on an immobilier and are going to go for a mandat exclusif for a specified period. My question is what happens after that specified period? Do we have to renew the mandat or does it automatically become a mandat simple?

    Thanks for any help.



  8. Thanks for this thread. I wanted to transfer a £1000 to my bank account and using my regular company would have had 1160 euros and would have been charged £9 for doing so. I used Currencyfair and had 1209 euros and was only charged 3 euros transfer fee.

    I haven't had a look at Transferwise yet but am happy to have saved 49 euros today - every little helps.

    Thanks again

  9. When I was working a new computer system was introduced to the office and we were told during our training that we would now become a 'paperless office' as everything would be done on the system doing away with the need for clerical records. No-one mentioned the reams of paper that came off the printer daily to 'back up' the system records and provide a list for checks that needed to be carried out on work done. These prints had to be kept for a minimum of eighteen months causing a need for storage facilities and extra staff to file them.


  10. Hi

    We too have a Bouyges Telecom 3G dongle which works well. Sometimes we can only get Edge but mostly have 3G. It was easy to set up but you do have to have a French bank account (unless that has changed), and it is easy to top up. Skype can be a bit hit and miss but again, sometimes is ok. You do have to have a bit of patience especially if you are used to super fast broadband but it is good to be able to keep in touch, book tickets and pay bills etc.

    Having decided to put our apartment in the Var up for sale and having trawled the forum and other sources for info, I think that I have to:-

    Find a Notaire

    Find an immobilier (trying not to cry at their extortionate charges) and provide them with the amounts for maintenance charges and taxes and also copy of minutes of last AGM to show what was decided.

    Arrange for diagnostics to be done.

    Keep fingers crossed that someone wants to buy it.

    We realise the market is flat at the moment and do not expect to sell quickly.


    What documents, if any do I need to take to the Notaire?

    Should the immobilier arrange for the diagnostics to be done as part of their service?

    We will be selling the apartment furnished and equipped including cutlery, crockery etc.- do I need to provide a detailed inventory of what is included for the immobilier at the outset or is that something they will compile?

    Although we will have to deal with an immobilier, can anyone recommend websites where we can also advertise to point potential buyers in the right direction?

    Is there anything important that I have missed?

    Apologies for a long post but trying to get all sorted in my head before we contact anyone and start the ball rolling.




  12. Apologies for going slightly off topic - we have secondary glazing and I have cracked the door panel. Does anyone know if I would be able to take the whole thing (it is basically a piece of glass in a plastic frame) to a 'Vitrerie' and get some new glass installed into the frame?

    Also, what would I call secondary glazing - vitrage secondaire doesn't sound quite right.

    Thanks for any help

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