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We are going over to France shortly to try and find a property to rent.  I have read that you need a Bank Account before you can rent a house and I have also read that it is easier to set up a Bank account with a French residiential address - bit chicken and egg.  Can anyone help please - can I set up a Bank account without a French Residential address???.

Also, has anyone experienced the Banque Postal ?,  they seem to be quite competitive but is it a cheap and cheerful service ?



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We called in to a Banc Populaire branch and opened a non resident account using a UK address.   This was done during our visit and I think we collected the chequebook a few days later.   After we moved in here we just changed the address.   All very easy.[:)]

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Hi James & Dolly Daydream


Many thanks for your replies. I will take our passports (and photocopies), plus our UK bank statements and various UK utility bills and hopefully that will do the trick. I suppose photocopies of birth certificates would probably be useful to have too.





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It may seem obvious but before opening an account I would suggest it is wise to do so in the area you are going to live.   Some of the French Banks are "regionalised" (.for example Credit Agricole) and do not have the national flexibility that you find in UK  Not an impossible situation but can make for some problems. 

As an example if you were with Credit Agricole-Charente Perigord it is not easy to walk into a branch in Credit Agricole - Centre and draw cash from your account.  You would be asked to use the automatic cash dispenser and the limits are quite tight in France. Not insurmountable but..

What I'm saying is find the area before opening an account (you may already have done so).  As others have said, opening an account is relatively straightforward .

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