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Macrons Paws ?

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Big debate in the Daily Mail again…



Maybe they just ran out of bunting. 🤫

But you do get the feeling that this has Macrons paws all over it.

They have plenty of EU bunting for **** sake. How many people in France need, buy or want EU bunting ? Not exactly sort after is it ?

Lets be clear…Macron could start a fight in an empty bar, lose the fight…and cost the French tax payer 2 billion euros to clear up the mess. That is basically his legacy. Except it is more 10 billion euros over 6 years so far.

Marons paws…no idea. Probably.

You get the feeling that history is changing….and that the d-day landings will soon only be celebrated by Russian speaking French and Germans politicians.

Well that is my history debate for the day….I wish you all a very happy bank holiday weekend.



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