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Building advice needed (Haute Pyrenees)

Crofter Andrew

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My brother, with no building experience, is building three gites in a field south of Lannemezan (near Heches). One of which he'll live in until he has more cash. He is looking for someone to keep him right - a few site visits at crucial stages, be on the end of the phone when needed, that kind of thing. Can anyone out there help?

The foundations are almost out of the ground already but he's worried he's going to make serious mistakes unless he gets some ongoing guidance/advice from someone with a lot more experience. They are building with concrete block, clad in stone.


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Building can be challenging, but with the right guidance, he's on the right track. Maybe consider reaching out to local builders or even a construction consultant for those site visits and advice. Finding a professional architect can be also a good idea for ensuring the success of the project. And it's vital to choose reliable materials and high-quality hardware to make sure everything stands the test of time.

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