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Medical matters in the Lot

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Welcome to the forum sasfields.

Not my area so I can't help but this is like asking someone to recommend a restaurant and then not telling them you're a vegan. [:D]

If you could define good in relation to your search then someone may be able to help.

Me, I like them brusque and to the point, no messing about just tell it to me straight Doc!

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Well, OK, but in the UK if I moved to a new area I would ask the neighbours which doctor they use and would they recommend him/her.  Once you get information then you make your choice based on the information received.

I actually, like many women, prefer to have a female doctor but I think they are rather thin on the ground in general practice here hence the request for a recommendation.

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Maybe by now you have found and are happy with your new doctor - if not, my only advice would be choose someone near -you never know if you may need them to make a house call in the night - in the rain- in the snow etc etc........ just a thought.


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A recent medical issue here in the North of France has highlighted a problem that I'd never thought about before.

What do you do if you need to see a doctor, or ask a doctor to do a house visit out of normal hours, ie. a saturday afternoon?   My daughter was recently ill and as I couldn't get hold of my own doctor I contacted the number 15 to ask advise about what to do.  I was told to go to a "maison medicale" which was attached to the hospital A & E dept.

There was an extremely long wait, and the actual doctor we saw was not very good.  I got the general feeling he really didn't want to be there!

So, what do you all do in SW France (although I am sure it depends purely on area) in a medical emergency?

I am particularly interested in and around the Gourdon area as that is where we will be near.

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There should be a doctor on duty at weekends and they are usually listed in the local papers and at pharmacies.

Ours work on a rota and whenever someone needs a doctor at weekends, a tel call to their usual medical surgery will automatically be diverted to the doctor on duty.

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