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ACIP - Association Culturelle Internationale du Perigord

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Just thought I would give ACIP a bit of a puff.

It's a multi-cultural organisation, with a base in Le Bugue but membership drawn from across the Perigord Noir.

It has a large number of activities - film group, wine group, garden group, yoga, French conversation at different levels, mens and womens groups, an embryonic petanque group that will be taking on the French clubs locally and a good internal support system, lots of advice in many areas where you may have problems.  It will also provide fluent French speakers if you're unsure when you have to visit the doctors etc.

And, more importantly for those looking for things to do in the winter, there are loads of winter activities to keep people engaged throughout the non-tourist season.

It costs 15 euros a year, there are lots of less formal events, lunches etc and the Association is wired in to all the local French organisations so members get invited to the Departementally organised health days etc.

For details, contact me by email/pm and I'll send you contact details.

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