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Appeal for Peace and Honey

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Phoenix Appeal for HONEY and PEACE





No, Phoenix is not actually asking you

to send us honey and peace, (although that would be very nice!!) - we're asking

you to help us find a home for these two lovely creatures.


On the enquiries front, these two have

scored 'nul points'. Sometimes this happens, and frustratingly, we don't really

know why, but what we can say is that they are both adorable, so please, please

help us find them the loving homes they deserve:


HONEY – beautiful, 1 year old Whippet X



Honey is highly intelligent and full of

life. She loves to run and jump and so she would do well with an active

person/family, happy to engage her energies – perhaps a good candidate for

agility or flyball?!


Honey thinks it’s great fun to play with

other dogs and she is very sociable. She is brilliant out on walks and is very

obedient; her recall is second to none. She is so loyal and willing to please

and will do just about anything for a treat or a cuddle. She loves children.


Now all she needs is her own family to

love her. 

She is currently with Foster Carer

Sharon. Please telephone 05 53 60 73 11 or email sharonleechappell@hotmail.co.uk



7 Month Old Calico Girl Young Cat

Poor Peace was dumped in a carrier bag, but luckily

was found and is safely in Phoenix foster care. 

Peace is confident,

typically inquisitive, playful and mischievous. She gets on well

with all the other cats and likes humans too, a lovely girl with very pretty

markings. She wants you to be her purrfect friend!

She is currently with Foster Carer, Lynda Atkins.

Please telephone 05 53 81 30 44 or email lapuille@gmail.com

Photos are on the Phoenix website and Facebook

pages – see:www.phoenixasso.com                                                               http://www.facebook.com/PhoenixAssociationFrance

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