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Perpignan area - advice needed

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I've lived in France for 17 years and am married to a French military guy who is thinking of retiring soon.   We have lived in many different areas of France but want to finally settle down after years of moving around with my husband's job.  We are looking at moving to the Perpignan area next year and would love some advice as to what areas to avoid (villages that are not great etc).  We have a decent budget for a house purchase and would love to live as near to the sea as possible but not as far away from Perpignan as Collioure etc.  We used to live in Toulouse so know Collioure a little but not so much Perpignan.  We don't like areas like Argeles for holidays but don't mind living in a quiet village/town with some good facilities with easy access to working areas.

We would both need to work - I'm an experienced, qualified English teacher with lots of admin skills too and speak and write fluent French.  My husband could try his hand at anything .....  We are a little worried about the job situation in this area, what are your experiences ?

We have kids who would need a good 'collège' school too.

Thanks for any advice, however small, we are grateful for any hints and tips.

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Hi, I live in alenya ,it's a quiet village near st cyprien. college is in st cyprien, either private or public ( from what I've been told both are good),pity you're not here this year as the english lady who taught english at the infants and primary school has just moved back to england. We are about a 5 minute drive from the beach .

As for work it depends if your husband speaks french, there are jobs (as long as you are not too fussy) but you have to speak the language

Hope this helps , if you have any other questions you can pm me
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I see it's a long time since your post so it may not be relevant any longer.  Sorry but I have only just gone back to the living france forum.  We have lived in a small village about 8 miles south of Perpignan for the last 7 years.  Anything we can help with let us know.  I won't bother you with any more as it may no longer be of interest to you.



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