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Best skiing near Carcassonne / Narbonne?

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Hi all..

We're thinking of hunting out some cheap second hand skis and heading off for a couple of days skiing in the Pyrenees.. Not done much for many years, but seeing as we live so close, it seems a shame not to make the best of the opportunity..

Does anyone have any first hand suggestions as to where is a good place to go suitable for competent but rusty skiers? Ideally not too far, where we could arrive, ski, spend a night, ski a little more and head home? Mid-week is a good option for us to avoid crowds/higher prices etc..

Many thanks..

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I can't help with the location but as for cheap skis, check out Decathlon.  As well as end of season deals (I got a fabulous pair of Atomics reduced to €99 from over 300!), twice a year in about March and October they have a 'Trocathlon' which is people bringing their unwanted gear and selling at bargain prices.   A bit late for this year but maybe something to look out for.  As an example I got a pair of x-country skis and sticks for €8 !!!

I can recommend Decathlon in general for all the other gear like ski jackets, salopettes, crash hats etc for good quality stuff at very reasonable prices.   Skiing needn't cost a fortune.

I too was bitten by the ski bug a few years ago, there's no cure, you just have to keep going to get your fix!

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The "Trocathalon" looks quite an event! I presume the Carcassonne branch joins the party..

Vanity on the 'slopes' is of no interest and we will be quite happy to improvise..

Now, finding a cheap pair of Telemark skis for my girlfriend will be interesting..

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St Pierre dels Forcats / Cambre d'Aze?

No we haven't. It apparently is in its best when the sun is melting the others.

Of the other two I prefer Pyrenees 2000 for the chilling n skiing.

Good ski rental place on the roundabout where the roads meet (carcassone/andorra/perpignan)

Helpful and inexpensive.


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