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Looking for partners for a web project in Marseille

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Hi everyone,


My name is Xiaojing. I’m looking

for partners to work on a local news website/blog in Marseille.


The site is already online, which

you can have a look here. It is created

not so long ago and still under development. But I'm a bit stuck. That's why

I'd like to have some extra help - two heads (or three :P) are better than one.

Unfortunately the site is not generating any revenue yet. So I can't really pay

you (or maybe with a coffee or beer?). However I do intend to make it

profitable in some time.


The reason I started this site is

that I have noticed a lack of English news in the region (sure you have sites

like The Local, but it's more national). And considering that it is the second

biggest city and most touristic area in France, that's quite surprising. So I

had the idea to create one myself.


For the moment I gather news from

various French sources and then translate it into English. Occasionally I write

news articles myself as well. But as it demands more resources and energy, I'm

struggling to do it alone. So here I am, looking for like-minded people to work



In short, if you are based in

Marseille or the surrounding regions, can write in English, read in French and

would like to have a try on my idea, you are welcome to shoot me an email:



Finally a bit about me. Chinese

national, grew up in China, educated in Australia, then worked in both

countries before moving to Marseille, France (a bit messed up, I know). My

professional background is in communication and media.


Look forward to meeting you ;)




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