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Sat-navs are not suitable for everyone.


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I have only been in one car with one, and the owner said that it was state of the art. I have never been so frightened in my life.

It was like he was only using the sat nav to make all decisions. Sounds like this woman was just the same.

I think maybe 'some' people need to go through a new driving test to use them, so that they remember to drive and be road aware as well as constantly watching the 'litttle' box, or listening to voices offering what could be  false council.

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We occasionally meet up with friends in a town that's hour-ish from both homes. They were about an hour late on one occasion. They'd used their newly acquired sat-nav and followed it slavishly... even though their destination was signed from where they live and they'd driven there previously. They must have selected an express option or similar because the sat-nav had directed them up to the main trunk road (A84), along, and then down another N road. Effectively, they drove 3 sides of a square. And until they were on the A84 they didn't question what they were being told to do. [:-))] Bizarre.

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They are only as good as the underlying software.

Although I like Via Michelin one journey (130 kilometre say 1:35) which I make regularly is 20 kms longer and 25 minutes longer according to their fastest route. Bit extreme and the faster route was hard to find. Saving is avoiding towns trafic lights and oneway system at start and choosing far more direct route leaving autoroute one junction earlier at the other end.

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