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Well, there we are, as of 1730hrs yesterday I am an SDF, living under canvas for a whole two months whilst the notaires get their acts together.

Given the way that the sale was dragged out, I suspect that the purchase may take somewhat longer.

Thanks for the offer of the barrel, Norman, but the smell was quite overpowering and the offers of the girls or all sexes late at night made my blood curdle, especially the Donald Trump lookalike. They seemed very familiar with the place.

At which point, I must apologise to Norman; had I known that you were a spitting image of Donald Trump, I would not have hit you with a ladle full of boiling soup. I do hope it did not damage your private parts too badly, though your howls suggested otherwise. It was not nice to hear the ambulance men and women laughing like that though.

No, I'll stay camping where I am for the moment, thanks.
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