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A heating gas question


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If one changes or decides to change gas suppliers, what is the status of the gas tank? Does it stay with the house, do the old company remove it, can the customer insist that it stays put for use by the new supplier?

Be grateful for your thoughts, svp.
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Friends of ours have tanked gas and when they changed suppliers the old company took away their tank and the new company put theirs in place .. but not in the same place as either some rule had changed or the new company had different ideas to the old one.

It caused a bit of a radical rethink of that part of our friend's garden as they had not anticipated such a major upheaval.
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We planned to change suppliers a couple of years ago, got estimates from 2 other companies. It would have involved a change of tank.  It seems the tank always belongs to the company. We asked if we could buy the tank from them and it was possible but not worth the cost.

In the end we stayed with the same supplier but on a much reduced tariff (Antargaz.)

Why they didn't offer us that in the first place I don't know. Instead of putting the price up each year. We'd been with them for 11 years.

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We investigated all this nonsense when we moved to France, and dallied with the idea of having gas central heating installed.

It seems you can have your own gas tank, you have to buy it, have it installed to regulations, pay to have it regularly inspected and also pay to insure it.

That's why we rely on wood burners.
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A further moan about Antargaz - we ended our contract in Feb. and the new owners have taken it over.

Antargaz still owe us about 200 euros.  After sending 2 emails, then an ordinary letter, I've now sent a registered letter ( cost £2.65).

I wonder if we'll ever get the refund?
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